Man of Steel Breaks Summer 2013 Box Office Records

    June 17, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Though critics can’t decide whether Zach Snyder’s Superman movie franchise reboot is good or not, fans of the superhero have spoken.

According to Reuters, Man of Steel has set a new record for June opening weekend box office totals. The movie took in $113.1 million on its opening weekend, giving it this year’s second-largest opening weekend haul, right behind Iron Man 3. The previous June opening weekend record belonged to Toy Story 3, which took in over $110 million during its first weekend in 2010.

Man of Steel was written in part by Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan and was directed by Zach Snyder of 300 and Watchmen fame. While some critics have panned the movie as being shallow and too serious for a Superman movie, others have connected with Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent and Amy Adams’ Lois Lane.

Moviegoers, on the other hand, have praised the movie for its special effects and cast, which includes Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent. Fans of Superman have also praised Man of Steel for deferring somewhat to the decades-old lore established by DC Comics.

  • http://www.jimcolyer.com Jim Colyer

    Superman returns to its original idea. Clark Kent is adopted by Kansas farmers after being sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton. He saves the world from Zod. Superman was created in 1932 by Jews Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. It was smart to call this movie “Man Of Steel” rather than “Superman.” It incorporates modern ideas such as terraforming Earth to make it more like Krypton. The alien angle is played up. Kal-El proves we are not alone! With 891 exoplanets confirmed by the Kepler Space Telescope, we are more sensitive to the possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations. Zod comes off as only half-evil in that he is willing to destroy humanity to preserve his own kind. On the other hand, Kal-El (Superman) is willing to let Kryptonians perish in order to save humanity. We learn that the “S” on Kal-El’s costume is not an “S,” but a Kryptonian symbol for hope. The word “Superman” is not mentioned until late in the movie.

  • B Himmel

    The best Superman Yet! It’s about time that someone took it to the next level! This is a new age. Out with the same old superman and in with the new. Nobody wants to see the same nerdy pretentious Clark Kent. Makes the character looks tremendously stupid. Make it real. Make it believable. I hope the sequel won’t be disappointing.