Man Decapitates Himself In The Bronx


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A 51-year-old man decapitated himself on Monday on a busy Bronx street, while several witnesses watched from nearby.

According to police, the man tied a rope around a telephone pole and then tied the other end around his neck.

He then got into his car and put the pedal to the floor.

The man's head was pulled from his body and his car crashed into a car parked on the street.

The force of the car crash threw the man's body onto the street and created a bloody scene.

Police determined that the car used in the suicide was a 2005 Honda Pilot. They also said that nobody else was harmed during the car collision or the suicide.

The busy street was covered in blood and many people who didn't witness the actual suicide, but saw the wreckage and body, thought that the blood and wreckage came from a car accident.

Police were able to talk to witnesses to determine the details of the suicide, but are not sure of the motive.

The police are still trying to learn more about the man but do not believe that their was any foul play involved in the suicide.

The incident has frightened many people who are worried that the beheading could have been done by a murderer or a terrorist group.

Police blocked off the street until it could be cleared and investigators were able to do their jobs. It was reopened a short time later.

None of the man's family members have come forward with information about a possible motive or were willing to make a statement about his death.

Police did not provide the man's identity and will likely withhold it until his family can be notified of his death.