Man Crawls Off Plane, Sues Airline

    August 2, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A Hawaiian man is suing Delta Airlines after they allegedly forced him to crawl on and off his flights and across the tarmac because they didn’t have the right equipment to aid him.

D. Baraka Kanaan, who is from Haiku, Hawaii, says he was left partially disabled after a car accident and called the airline well ahead of time to let them know he would need an aisle wheelchair and a lift to help get him in and out of the chair. The spokesperson, Kanaan says, assured him they would have everything ready. However, when he arrived at the airport to board his flight to Nantucket, he was informed they had no such equipment and was, subsequently, forced to crawl out of the plane upon arrival and across the tarmac to his own wheelchair.

“They basically watched me crawl,” said Kanaan. “It was a completely absurd situation.”

After filing a complaint with Delta officials, he was assured there would be proper equipment for his flight home. But once again, he was forced to crawl. Delta employees, he claims, wouldn’t help him because they didn’t want to be held responsible for any injury. Now, he’s suing the airline for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“We are appalled by the treatment of Mr. Kanaan by Delta Air Lines, and this is not the first instance of misconduct by Delta Air Lines towards disabled people, and we hope in Mr. Kanaan’s case, he can be vindicated in court,” said Brian Brazier, one of Kanaan’s attorneys.

Delta hasn’t commented on the incidents because of the pending court case, but included in Kanaan’s claim is an accusation that Delta has had trouble accomodating customers before.

“Just a year before, Delta received no less than 5,000 complaints against it and was ordered to pay record breaking fines for its persistent ‘egregious’ mistreatment of disabled passengers,” the paperwork states.

  • elaine thompson

    You don’t have to be disabled to be insulted by Delta flight attendants. I was returning from Japan some years ago and wanted to hold my wooden tenor recorder (flute) at my feet under the seat ahead of me. The attendant, a middle-aged woman, asked in a loud voice what else I had”down there,” and took my recorder (in a canvas case) to put elsewhere. I was pretty embarrassed, but complied and then worried about the fate of my instrument. (It was ok.) Those were the days when passengers took all kinds of things, big and small, on board.

  • Catherine

    Another ambulance chaser and his greedy client. I was on the flight with this guy, and he was a complete jerk. He limped a little, and that’s it.

    • Robert

      Regardless how he is as a person he is still DISABLED and should have been given the proper equipment that was needed to help him off and on the plane.

      Remember he asked for assistance in advance. Also, which flight were you on the 2nd or the first? If you were on the 2nd then you should give him some slack because he was already done wrong on the first flight.

    • http://yahoo Jessica Reedy

      Why are you so stupid

      • Robert

        Really, you must not like disabled people. There is no justification why the airlines did not provide to him what is required by law. Again, he did ask for this. If the airlines provided this, there probably would be no problem at all.

        So who is the intelligent one now?

    • Richard

      I saw the guy crawling, I know he limped a bit, but for me he has an unsteady gait, and don’t wanna fall, so instead he crawled.

  • William Jones

    If you were on the flight and saw him struggling, why didn’t you assist instead of making this lame comment.

  • Francis Phillip

    This sort of treatment is deplorable and totally unacceptable. I hope Mr. Kanaan ends up owning a great majority of Delta. First it simply infuriates me that they basically lied to him. Secondly, they certainly ignored, or were not in compliance with, the Americans with Disabilities Act. Third, this man was humiliated and robbed of his dignity and Delta, it appears to me, treated him as inhuman and not worthy of respect. To treat anyone like this, and especially a disabled person, is shameful. I am glad the man is suing, but I hope the government takes a stand on this as well. To let them get away with such an offense would be a disgrace.

  • dick

    who cares its not that big of a deal.hear is the problem the human race is spoiled and lazy.


      It is a big deal! Handicapable people get treated like some kind of outcast because of some jerk who is fraudulently using the handicapped card. I personally think people like that need to .be forced to live in a wheelchair for a month or so. It isn’t exactly easy. The ADA has made it possible to do things like shop for your own food. Go to the park, visit friends and maintain independence has changed my life.

  • Jim

    not gonna lie i thought at first glance that the plane was airborne when this happened. i was like wtf forget the lawsuit how is he alive??? but now i’m like ohhhhh i see, the title of the article seems intentionally misleading… just saying lmao

  • Roger

    This man is a self-styled guru who runs a ‘not-for-profit’ (self-incorporated personal tax haven) organization that stages “seminars” mixing mysticism and motivational speaking. You can see him in action on YouTube standing on a raised dais using a walking stick he apparently relies on primarily for gesturing with, often holding it off the floor at length with no evident balance problems…no hoist, sling or wheelchair in view.

  • Rega

    Sounds like Delta. Not surprised.

  • Rod

    Way way out of hand with the ADA stipulations.. I believe in them yet to comply is simply … no and no take advantage of builders doing their best to comply.. same with airlines, stores, cross walks.. everything is out of control.. I believe he should have received better airline service (I travel regular) he was screwed by Delta.. but ADA is simply out of control government.

    • JEP

      I have one question: Are you totally confined to a wheelchair except to pull up on a bar to transfer to do you business in restroom? Very bright mind, major upper body strength, just can’t walk! Now do you think the ADA regulations is stupid? Don’t judge untill you live in that persons shoes (or should I say wheels)

  • Bob

    The problem with Delta started way before it became Delta back in the days when it was Western Airlines . The same situations and some of the personnel now with Delta were with Wetern except in a management position . My old man is a retired CEO for Western and when they went Deltas and saw how shody the ramp service was , and their loss record for baggage , and all the front counter Agents had lousy attitudes it was a mess.

    If you are a vietnam Veteran and you show your Veterans Advantage ID card with your Retired ID card which is of course issued by the Dept . of Defense and you show your 100 % service connection VA ID card be ready for some real trouble .
    Delta is very discriminatory and they disrespect Vietnam Veterans every minute of every day . Disabled Vietnam Vet ? haha in a wheel chair like me with oxygen on board they tell you to fly another air line that they cannot acommadate anyone in a wheel chair requiring oxygen .
    Have a prostetic like me LEFT LEG , Left Arm , Right Hand , and you go to the counter to check in for your flight Delta calls the city police to frisk you and embarrasses you and still makes you go through TSA screening and everyone knows that TSA is a joke .

    Thank god my dad is deceased ( Rest in Peace ) he would be so ashamed of the way that Delta took over Western .

    FLY ALASKA OR HAWAIIAN much better . Less expensive and far better in flight and on ground personnel

    Mahalo Nui Loa

  • Larry Julien

    I hope he wins. I am disabled and that is why I don’t travel by air. I found that if you are not completely normal, no one that works for an airline will want to provide for you,or help you. So mostly I just stay in my own little world. It would be nice if we could travel again. Maybe someday things will be different.

  • justRon

    There are wheel chairs all over the place. BUT I think with a flight to Hawaiian started off with a snow job, The meat ball was out to make money. If he does not use a wheel chair and the cane is a form of a act.
    He should be charge for the extra cost court, airline holding time, passanger holding time and two bags of peanuts
    Another ambulance chaser and his greedy client
    I have had may fights on Delea never had a problem.
    But I want to act like everybody, THATS normal. Hawaiian weed maybe the problem. Lawers look for fly dung in pepper get a real job.
    This is another joke, for free loaders,lawers and dead cow milkers wooops forgot scum suckers, and fart bubble eaters

    • http://yahoo Inga

      You are unbelievable. How did you come to that conclusion?
      I guess healthwise you are normal but your brain lacks compassion
      due to the fact that in order to file for his problem, they’ll
      need proof that he is disabled. Just because you had no problem
      on your flights doesn’t mean others don’t. He informed Delta
      of his situation & if they couldn’t accomodate his needs then
      they should let him know while speaking to him via telephone.
      By the way, instead of saying: a flight to Hawaiian, is wrong.
      It’s Hawaii, Hawaiian is when you speak of the people from Hawaii.

    • darthvoice

      You are a piece of human waste.

    • http://yahoo allen crigger

      Stick it

  • Slapnuts McGillicutty

    So no one at all, not a SINGLE person that was on the plane or someone at the airport, would help the guy? EVERYONE watched him crawl? And what about the fact that this man can not only stand on his own but he can walk as well? I just watched a video of him waking around. yes, I admit he used a cane..SOME of the time. Seems that he was putting on a show by crawling. Yes, someone from Delta obviously should have at least given him a shoulder to hold as he walked but Jesus… Why would no other passengers or just no one at all help him? maybe because they knew he could really walk..


      Guys like this make life for wheelchair bound people. I hope the SOB lands in one of these for real. This is just wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to begin. I hope the Airline wins this one. FRAUD is fraud. Throw this sucker in the slammer for impersonating a handicapped person.

      • http://yahoo allen crigger

        CW you are the biggest SOB I have ever seen You on drugs hope one day you can’t walk DA

  • Sharon

    My question is how did he get on he plane in the first place…. Sounds like this guy just wants money, and lime many other idiots wants others to pay…you wonder why the tickets prices keep going up.