Man, 70, Marries 15-Year Old After Family Sells Her

    January 8, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A 70-year old man who says a 15-year old girl’s family jilted him has married the teen in Saudi Arabia.

The man claims the girl’s parents sold her to him for $20,000 but that she ran back to them after the sale was complete. In order to solve the problem, he simply married her. Now, human rights workers are offering the girl as much help as they can give in preparation for a court dispute should she seek a divorce. They believe the girl was scared and left after a dispute with the man.

In today’s society, it’s difficult for some to believe that arranged marriages and the sale of children still exist; but in some countries, it is either tradition or a last resort some families turn to when they desperately need money. But in recent years, human rights activists have made it their mission to help young girls and women who have been essentially traded away, and say this particular case sounds more like one of a forced sale of a human being rather than a traditional arranged marriage.

“When you consider the very large difference in age, it looks more like this was not a marriage, but like the girl was sold,” Dr. Suhaila Zein al-Abedin said. “The girl’s parents need to be held responsible for this.”

The man, on the other hand, claims the girl is much older than her parents say she is.

“She is not 15 as everybody claims,” he said. “She’s 25 years old and she’s mature enough to make her own decisions… I was fooled by the girl’s family.”

Regardless of his claims, the girl’s story has garnered the support of thousands who have taken to twitter to voice their opinion on the matter.

  • Sonia

    Must be a liberal democrat.

    • stephenf

      Must be the exact opposite, dipsh$%. It’s supertraditional and superpatriarchal, brought to you by the handholding friends of the Bush clan.

      Try to know something before you post again.

  • marvel

    blame it on the psycho parents!!!

  • http://sermonsinstones.com Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern

    That’s not marriage, it’s slavery, and it’s very common: 30 million people in the world affected. I’m so glad that in this case, the slavery survivor is getting some help.

    • R.C.

      I agree, Rev.

      Slave trade of American women rose dramatically in the 70’s after “Feminism”, apparently… Yet, as you said, it’s very common around the world in-general.
      Got a chance to listen to Suzanne Khardalian on Armenian slave & genocide. People like her & then this case of the marriage is being brought to the forefront, and may spark “revolution” among those women out there (and maybe some outside intervention).
      Yet… THEY have to have that revolution.

  • deb

    i think their peckers should be cut off when they cant use it properly. i think ges a sick pervert that cant get someone his own age, so he has to get somone that has no say in what they want!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    that is sick. If the parents needed money there is other ways to get money than selling your child. This is totally wrong. The parents should be arrested and formerly charged for selling there daughter. I feel sorry for the child who has to go through with this.

  • http://webprosnews.com TJ


  • katster

    The old bastard isnt even ashamed. 15 or 25 Please!
    And the parents WTH? All three should face criminal charges for either child slavery and child endangerment, rape of a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and mental abuse. And if she is 25 the Forceable slavery to an adult, rape, kidnapping with intent of slavery and mental abuse!

  • jOE

    You guys are just jealous. Look at Hugh Hefner, he’s old and married to a 20 something girl, yet no one says anything about that

    • 2Breal

      If you want the social contacts you don’t say anything.

  • MrsJ

    I agree with Joe noone says it when famous people do it…Hugh Hefner and Morgan Freeman (his on daughter okay step daughter he raised from a toddler till now his wife) wow…really

  • MrsJ

    2 sides to every story lets not jump to conclusions…


    Well if she does not like the man to be her husband, whatever age the girl might be,there should be no force in the marriage!! it is because in a marriage, there should be consent, love and understanding between the two people!!

    I married a man of 20yrs of age gap, but we live happily with three grown up girls, two grand kids and we are very compatible and can get along well.

    Hope everyone understand what a marriage is, for those parents who force or sell their girls for money, they should be fined and jailed because they cause hell to their daughters!!

  • 2Breal

    Was the father set-up by the 70 yr old to get the daughter or did the father dislike (or hated), his own arranged marriage so much that he figured, to hell with them—I want the money?

    Let freedom ring, continue the “Arab Spring”, and let everyone join in—if the love is real it can, and will, stand above all.

  • Temu

    This is madness.Rotten minds. why do that to a 15 year old. They claim to be against prostitution but its better where there is legalised prostitution for the old man could have helped himself with one or a 100 of them. 20000 dollars can buy the best in Red light districts.
    How can you denounce and hate prostitution only to turn your lust to your children?