Malia Obama Wears Affordable Topshop Dress in China

    March 24, 2014
    Shana Norris
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Malia Obama posed for photos in Beijing, China on Friday wearing an affordable Topshop dress. The dress was a short-sleeve floral print mini. One source identified it as the “Crocus Crop Skater Dress” sold for around $138 by British fashion retailer Topshop.

Malia paired the dress with black tights and flats. In the photo, she appears to be as tall as if not taller than her mother Michelle Obama who is wearing heels to match her bright red dress.

Besides her mother, Malia was joined in the photo by sister Sasha, grandmother Marian Robinson and Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan.

This marks Michelle Obama’s first-ever trip to China. It is also the first time a First Lady of the United States has visited the country independently of her husband.

She arrived on Thursday with plans to spend four days in Beijing before visiting tourist sites in the interior cities of Xi’an and Chengdu.

“The relationships between the United States and China couldn’t be more important,” she said on Friday morning, “and having the opportunity to travel here, to listen, to learn, to hear more about the education initiatives here in this country and to share my travels with students throughout the United States is a very unique experience, and it’s one that I will never forget.”

On Saturday, the First Lady made her first and only scheduled speech of the trip, at the Stanford Center at Peking University.

In what is considered by many to be a thinly veiled criticism of China’s strict media censorship, she made the following remarks:

“It is so important for information and ideas to flow freely over the Internet and through the media,” she said. “Because that’s how we discover the truth, that’s how we learn what’s really happening in our communities, in our country and our world.”

In his introduction of the First Lady, Max Baucus, the newly appointed US ambassador to China, praised Twitter and Facebook in spite of the fact that both social media sites are blocked in China.

The First Lady also cautioned against tamping down criticism of the government:

“That’s how we decide which values and ideas we think are best — by questioning and debating them vigorously, by listening to all sides of the argument and by judging for ourselves. And believe me, I know how this can be a messy and frustrating process. My husband and I are on the receiving end of plenty of questioning and criticism from our media and our fellow citizens, and it’s not always easy, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Because time and again, we have seen that countries are stronger and more prosperous when the voices and opinions of all citizens can be heard.”

The visiting party’s less politically-charged activities include learning to write Chinese characters, visiting the Great Wall, seeing the famous terra cotta warriors in Xi’an, and visiting a giant panda research base home.

Their final scheduled activity is a lunch on March 26 at a Tibetan restaurant. Given the ongoing controversy over Chinese rule of the Tibetan population, this stop is considered by some to be an unspoken statement of support for the Tibetan cause.

“We welcome the First Lady’s visit to a Tibetan restaurant, a demonstration of the long-standing American interest in the distinct Tibetan culture,” said Matteo Mecacci, President of the International Campaign for Tibet.

Image via YouTube

  • emmysmo

    Since the taxpayers are picking up the tab for this little excursion, I suppose the media finds this newsworthy to try to convince us the Obamas are “thrifty”. Sure they are–with their own money.

    • Jen

      The trip is literally costing the taxpayers millions of dollars and THIS is what they choose to write about??? Such garbage….

      • http://instilinachange.blogspot.com/ instilinachange

        Your contribution to the tax payer bracket is insignificant. Be quiet.

    • ShaneFloras99

      @emmysmo…,what Brian answered I’m startled that a stay at home mom can profit $9920 in 1 month on the internet . i was reading this…PaysJℴb.ℂℴℳ….if you can afford a !38 dollar blouse for your wife then you got the
      wrong job and you little bit of tax dollars judge how much you make if
      you can’t afford. Jealousy will get you no where.

  • happylady

    Have they no shame. $138.00 would pay for a lot of stuff for most children.

    • Mark Trollinger

      she is a teenager and no, $138 would not buy a lot for most teenager clothes

    • consneverwork

      Then a con would VERY happy about that.

  • caligula1

    So is this to make us assume that the rest of the trip will not cost us 3/4 of a million dollars? And the taxpayers is off the hook for Malia’s trip with Momma, Sis and grandma?

    • amy

      I’m sorry but this trip will cost a lot more than 3/4 of a million dollars. It’ll probably be more like ten million dollars. Or more. These elitists don’t take cheap vacations. And, also, $138 for a kids dress IS a lot of money. Most people I know get their dresses at a thrift store. I would like for one time to see an Obama go shopping at a local Walmart. Now that would be newsworthy.

      • Corey Alexander Walker

        Actually, they’ve shopped at Target many times over their time in the white house. And $138 is expensive, but for upper-middle class Americans, it isn’t. It can get a lot more expensive that.

      • Mark Trollinger

        Why not. They are in China and Walmart gets most of its products from China. Probably cheaper at the source.

      • consneverwork

        loozars. Sorry, not a vacation. But why
        do you begrudge their success? Isn’t that what u cons preach? Oops, double standard here. U aren’t jealous, are u? No matter how many times u cons are told that
        the first family has to pay for personal expenses, you won’t accept it. Sorry, but you are not entitled to your own
        facts. Think real hard about this one
        too: Do you think when the President’s
        family goes to china and meets with their first family and addresses its
        citizens, it’s a vacation? God, u cons r

  • MediaWhores

    The news media in America continues to wallow in their slavish devotion Obama and it a truly sickening sight to see. First off she may be a nice kid so lets get that out of the way. Second of all my wife doesn’t own a “Thrifty” shirt that even costs ONLY $138. My wife and I are however paying for these freeloading leeches to galavant all over the world on endless vacations. Thirdly and this is what the media groupies can’t get through their pathetic biased little heads is most people are sick to death of the media covering and slobbering all over these deadbeats. Period.

    • Njae2000

      Wow….it’s a shame that you can’t afford to buy your wife quality things. I’m poor as dirt and I save up for quality clothing! It lasts longer!

      • MediaWhores

        You are obviously to ignorant to get the point, which is while regular, non freeloading taxpayers have to sacrifice these leeches don’t. Of course it goes without saying that the welfare leeches who support these creeps with their votes adore these pukes and aren’t offended.

        • NrthCaliMrs

          Bush took more vacations than any other POTUS – period. I wonder if your critique was as hateful. Considering our current collaborative state with China, this trip was a good thing.

          Like him or not, the man runs our country and should get paid to do so. That does not make him a free-loader, but a salaried civil servant – just like the rest of our government employees.

          Lastly, it is cheaper for the First Lady and children to travel than it is for the POTUS.

          Geesh – you are damned if you do or don’t in this country. Some people need to pick up a newspaper/book and put down their mouse. The internet is truly a forum for the most ignorant ranters in this country.

          • Independent Thinker

            The topic is Michelle Obama first lady’s vacation not how many the president takes.

          • satay31

            You do understand that this was a diplomacy jaunt and NOT a pleasure trip right?

          • Independent Thinker

            You do understand the country of China’s economy is reliant heavily on exporting the United States. Diplomacy with the country isn’t essential because they need us to buy their crap.

          • consneverwork

            The topic is not Michele Obama first lady’s vacation; it is her trip to China. Stupid a**.

          • Independent Thinker

            It’s a vacation when you take your children. Kids stay home when you are there to do business. I am sure that is something you don’t understand because you in another post didn’t make it thru college until your forties. My guess is you have never owned a business.

          • only girl

            Saids who? You? And what makes you an expert on this topic? It’s a good will visit, family is very important to the Chinese. You and the rest of the haters are jealous. It’s just something about the Obamas, Isn’t it? I wonder what it is?

          • Independent Thinker

            Says the IRS business trips don’t involve taking your children with you unless they are employees of your company. Business trips are tax deductible expenses. Family vacations are not.

        • consneverwork

          I adore them because they are great role models for all Americans. It is tragic that people hate successful minorities more than poor ones (and then accuse liberals of wanting to keep them dependent on government assistance)! I also like them because I never hear them give anybody slack for their lots in life; they just thank America because it is the only country they could succeed if they worked hard. That’s exactly what they did. What a bunch of losers, hey! Then I hear hour after hour the double standard, made up scandals, weakness, vacations, , etc. endless definitions of who these people are and the lies and stories told about them since he announced. BTW, MW, they can afford good clothes but sometimes they go to target and gap and so what? They are wealthy. They are BOTH Harvard educated lawyers — he was president of the law review — what kinds of lives do you think people like the Obamas lead? People with their credentials are Supreme Court justices, Presidents (duh), Governors, CEOs, they work for it — especially minorities. No public officials pay for their own security. Do u think Willard reimbursed us taxpayers for his secret service protection for him and his HUGE family during the campaign? He has 5 sons, 5 homes plus/minus and tons of grandchildren. I would bet that he did not and he thinks our debt is too high. Well, as wealthy as he is, he could have reimbursed our treasury. He chose not to. Everyone takes what the government gives them. Even Paul Ryan’s mom gets social security. Give me a break!

          • only girl

            It’s just something about the Obama, and we ALL KNOW what it is, just stop pretending. It’s time for people to just get honest about their feelings.

          • https://www.facebook.com/kam.lyfe JCChris

            BRAVO! Excellent Comment. So refreshing….

        • only girl

          I support them, and has never collected a dime from welfare. You are generalizing. Speak for your self, and yourself only. And if you and your wife can’t afford a 138.00 dollar dress,that’s your fault.If you get off the computer being envious of the first family, maybe you can get a life, because the Obamas and a whole lot of Americans have one.

      • Kelly Mix

        Agreed, I’d be embarrassed if I could not buy my wife nice things…Just means you need to live differently or get a better job…

    • Florine Fefe Thompson

      Did you say that to the Clintons, Bushes, Carters and all the rest who came before them or is it because they are black such foolishness you people speak about all first ladies and their child go to other countries on our behalf. as for dead beats I think not they had money before they even came in to the white house maybe you need to check that out. if you can afford a !38 dollar blouse for your wife then you got the wrong job and you little bit of tax dollars judge how much you make if you can’t afford. Jealousy will get you no where.

      • Arch Bishop Stone

        All of you shut the hell up, i am sure some of you didnt brush your stinking teeth that is why you talking shit about the obamas. some of us are tired of ninconpoos in this country of too knows. if you dont like obama to be your leader go to hell and be a fagged

      • MediaWhores

        First of all Fefe, the Bush family vacationed at their own place as did the Carter’s. Second of all the Obama’s were in fact millionaires when the Messiah was elected. Thirdly Carter was incompetent but still wasn’t the deadbeat these people are. Last but not least all the other President’s combined didn’t spend as much time between parties, golf, and vacations vilifying people who are successful and preaching shared sacrifice while living like Royalty.

        • satay31

          Nobody believes President is The Messiah, but you did get one thing correct they are both (The President and Jesus) Black………..

        • Mark Trollinger

          Im sure Kennedy racked up some bills whoring around and partying

        • consneverwork

          You are totally and absolutely wrong on every single item you listed. I’m not sure why you think presidents vacationing at their own home makes any difference. At a president’s own home, there is the exact same security, more secret service because they need room, board, and 3 shifts since they can’t go home plus these homes are protected 24/7 when they are in the WH. In addition, the Presidents have to bring their staffs with them, because they really never stop working completely. Plus both Bushes went to Kennebunkport so Sr.’s 2 homes are now fully protected and now W, has 2 homes fully protected. Bush went to Crawford at least twice a month, as Reagan and Nixon went to California once or twice a month. Further, we still pay for Nancy Reagan’s SS protection and for the security on her home.

          By the way, the Obamas have a home in Chicago, and it is guarded 24/7, and they NEVER go there. On weekends, they are at Camp David or the WH, and that doesn’t cost any more than any day. Also, when they vacation, they pay for their own food and housing and other personal items. If you also check Mark Knoller’s website, you can find the statistics and records you need on all presidents’ vacations, visitors, golf games, etc. I’m afraid you will be very disappointed. Make sure you compare republican presidents versus democratic presidents. You will be disappointed, but I wasn’t a bit surprised. Democrats have been cleaning up republican messes since 1933.

    • sandi

      “Freeloading leeches” what an “interesting” term to describe the First Lady and the First Daughters. While I disagree with your use of the term I do hope it’s the same one you used to describe both of the Bush administrations as well as the Clintons (and don’t even get me started on that ultimate leech, Reagan).
      And BTW, good quality clothes that don’t have to be replaced because they’ve fallen apart ARE expensive but a better value in the long run-whether I buy them at Goodwill, a Consignment shop or a retail store. Personally, I’m not a “media groupie” but I’m okay with a First Family that presents American values in a positive light as this family does consistently.
      I am however, sick of arm chair critics whose only contribution is negativism that attempts to shut down discussion rather than raise meaningful concerns.

    • $1021927

      You seem to have a biased little head.

      • consneverwork

        What bias? She has addressed both Republicans and Democrats equally and all of her assessments are true. This family has always made us proud.

    • consneverwork

      I’m not sick of Obama coverage. I’m sick of the coverage Putin gets of you cons slobbering over this murderer and slandering our commander in chief and not realizing how dangerous it is. Putin stole billions from the Russian people and is now trying to annex more land militarily. So what do you stupid traitors do? You root and cheer for him to do it while our great President is trying (in the face of your USUAL anti-American rants) to ward off military action. Seems like his summit in the Netherlands is not with your great Messiah, but with the United States’ allies. So if u don’t like it, GTFO. I like President Obama. He has done great things for this country, and u cons have done ZEEEEEEROOOOO! So shut up and stay out of the way. Deadbeats and leeches don’t kill mass murderers, save economies and auto industries and bail out banks and end stupid wars and ruin economies after being handed peace and prosperity and they don’t enact health care coverage for all Americans. Neither do they take a one-month vacation after SIX MONTHS in office and ignore terrorist warnings that lead to the worst attack on US soil since Peal Harbor.

  • SD

    Is it okay for Michelle Obama to make education the theme of her first visit to China? – See more at: http://trendingquestions.com/is-it-okay-for-michelle-obama-to-make-education-the-theme-of-her-first-visit-to-china/

  • Chalie

    Yeah right, as if her F mother is not taking America for everything she can, SPIT!!

    • consneverwork

      Oh, yea, she’s dripping with jewels and mink — like Barbara Bush and Annie Romney. Get over it.

  • bluemoonchar

    I am so proud that we have such an amazing 1st wife and incredible girls to represent our country. Those of you who don’t like it that our country pays these travel bills have NO idea of what is important in world relationships. Countries don’t just operate on their own isolated. There needs to be visits and dinners and all such things to make country relationships good. This family is working for us and I feel sad when people say things like many here did about using taxpayers money.
    Countries need to have relationships and part of that is visiting each other.
    I am flabbergasted that some of the people here just don’t get the value of this visit.
    We are talking keeping peace in the world. That can’t happen without being connected to each other. I am amazed at the ignorance of people speaking up here who have no idea what diplomacy is and what it takes to keep open and friendly relationships between countries. If you knew anything about history you would know that sometimes it is the friendship forged between countries that make for a peaceful world.
    I am in such a state of shock over the ignorant opinions here. But, that is the price of freedom of speech.
    The first Lady shared important information concerning a healthy world.
    I find her to be incredible. I think she needs to be the next president

  • OMay

    LOL, eat your hearts out!!

  • mamartin

    Affordable dress? Bought with whose money? I don’t own anything wearable that cost $138. My jeans cost $20 or less (brand new in an outlet store). My tees and sweats are bought new online or in stores and cost $10 or less. Why does that brat need a $138 dress?

    • Guest

      Barack Obama and his wife are both attorneys who worked their entire lives. President Obama has made millions from books. Why should their children dress in hand-me-downs or cast offs from Goodwill if they can afford better. Thank goodness these girls are not like the Bush twins that kept the Secret Service working double-time trying to keep them sober, out of bars and off the cover of the National Enquirer. When those girls lived in Austin, they went to school with my friend’d kids and there was always something going on with them. If they weren’t getting drunk, they were smoking pot. I can still see the photo of Jenna falling down drunk on the cover of a magazine. But then they were born to lily white parents so that makes it all right.

      • Judy

        Oh, get a life. They’re still out there spending OUR money!!!!!!

        • consneverwork

          Their spending is regulated by law. Do you know that ALL 535 members of Congress fly home every weekend and you are worried about the first family working? Plus they are on recess more than they are in session. Plus they fly out Friday and fly in Monday. Who else does that? They also get free parking at airports (free, that is, paid by you know who), subsidized cafeterias, free fitness center, in BOTH buildings) and they all make at least $180,000 per and they have great benefits! Suckas

    • consneverwork

      Don’t brag about your lack of success. It’s all in the classroom. I went to night school and got my bachelor’s degree at 40. I just figured I was going to be 40 anyway; might as well get educated on the way!

      • Independent Thinker

        With such a negative attitude degree or no degree that is not what employers look for. I started my first business at 21 and sold it off in a bidding war at 27 then went on to start three other businesses. I learned you get a lot further in life being pleasant than nasty in attitude.

    • only girl

      Pick yourself up, and stop the self pity, Get a job, that brat you talk about is The President’s daughter, and she deserves it because her parents earned it. This is America we don’t hate on the rich, you have the same opportunity to get off your duff and earn what you want.Her parents did.

    • Kelly Mix

      $138.00 is a cheap dress…I’ve always bought my wife and children nice things, maybe you need to get a better job and stop being jealous of others.

  • commonsense1

    Racist give our country a bad name..

  • satay31

    The only reason I came here was to see the stupidity, these poor people can do nothing that would meet the approval of the garbage that posts here. If the dress is off the rack, they are tacky and classless, if it is high-end designer then they have nerve when poor Americans can’t afford what they are wearing?? Do you hear yourselves?? They are both very Educated people who had high paying careers before he became president, do you really think 138.00 is too much for them to spend on a dress? Not to mention it is not their fault if you choose to no educate yourself so you coud do the same for your children. What fool wants their first famiy to shop at the salvation army?? If you can’t provide better than that for you family how are you supposed to run the country?? Whatever I have no expectation of penetrating your wall of hate and loathing, I just felt like saying it for a change. By the way if you cannot afford to purchase a dress that costs 138.00 the odds are you are paying minimum federal taxes, in fact if you have children you are getting nearly if not all of your money back in returns. So please stop complaining about money that isn’t yours.

  • Elizabeth Sifuentes

    Her daughters are so beautiful and stylish … just like their Mommy :) I think it was a good decision for the Ladies to visit China. :)

  • Crazy G

    Affordable Topshop Dress That Trip was paid by us 12.3 mil

    • Crazy G

      First Lady Michelle Obama’s “birthday gift”
      of spending extra days under the Hawaiian sun alone without her husband
      and children may cost U.S. taxpayers at least $200,000–more than four
      times the U.S. average annual salary of $45,790.

      • only girl

        Jealous of the black people, in the white house. As long as they were white you were happy to get a crumb. Your little tax money didn’t amount to much.Maybe it bought George Bush a beer. Bet you were happy about that.

  • Izzibella

    And this is where it all should get real. How can anyone justify $138 being ideal for cost of some Skater dress? See, politicians try to say they can relate to the average American, but how can they when the average American does not have the extra $138 to spend on one child’s dress. If that $138 was used to buy, lets see, maybe two or three children’s clothing for a season…then fine, they can relate. Sorry the average American can not afford these prices, and we shouldn’t have to pay fro the Obama’s children to parade around in China on our tax dollars. Such a shame America has come to this!

    • Kelly Mix

      I’m an average American, and I can afoard to buy my daughter a $138.00 dress if she wants one…what a bunch of losers

      • Izzibella

        Well Kelly, sorry if you think being idealistic about what can be deemed affordable by MOST average Americans is making us look like losers. Great go buy your daughter tat $138 dress, that will be so out of fashion in another month or two. I’m sure most can relate more to my comment then to yours, especially in our economy right now. And please before you post another comment, please learn how to spell or atleast use spell-check…so you don’t look like the loser. AFFORD, not afoard