Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Autopilot Theory Points to Hypoxia

    June 29, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues to be one of the biggest mysteries of 2014, and has left many not just grieving the loss of their loved ones but wondering what happened in the last minutes of their lives. Was something sinister–like terrorism–at play? A new theory based on the belief that the plane was flying on autopilot before and after the crash occurred won’t bring these passengers and crew back, but it might help survivors find some semblance of closure in light of the horrific tragedy.

According to a report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, “The final stages of the unresponsive crew/hypoxia event type appeared to best fit the available evidence for the final period of MH370’s flight when it was heading in a generally southerly direction.”

This theory gives all other theories–including hijacking as a result of terrorist activity–far less credibility.

If Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was truly on autopilot until it ran out of fuel, this means there was likely no deliberate attempt to crash or redirect the plane, and the fact that the pilots were no longer communicating despite being on autopilot could indicate that the crew was somehow incapacitated. The loss of cabin pressure would have rendered everyone on board incapacitated.

Word of this theory about the missing flight has spread to news agencies around the world.

Not only might this theory about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 alleviate the horror of terrorism in survivor’s minds, they might also find some comfort in knowing their loved ones were likely already deceased when the plane crashed into the ocean.

Yes, these means of comfort are small ones in comparison to what these people have experienced, but hopefully they will nudge them toward the road of recovery–putting the shattered pieces of their lives back together again.

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  • John Eliopoulos

    More BULLSHIT!

    • osfpxania

      Tell me about it…when will they stop with the bs stories

  • GmanIraq

    ok someone had to change course and reimput the instructions to the auto pilot it didnt do that on it own and if it was an electrical failure would the autoplilot even work and the comment above makes no sense…… A new theory based on the belief that the plane was flying on autopilot before and after the crash occurred……..how was it flying on auto pilot after the crash occured…….earier reports said there was an attempted cell phone call by the copilot…… my feeling is investigators shouldnt speculate about what happened because they have no friggin idea what happened on that airplane

    • Teresita Soriano Machan

      Could it be that the pilot after saying goodnight was told by the hijacker to turn the plane westward and way below the radar

      • Teresita Soriano Machan

        Sorry, I want to continue with my comment above. When the plane was flying towards the Andaman Sea the hijacker(s) gassed the crew and the passengers then put the plane on auto-pilot then the hijackers jumped off the the plane on parachutes?.

  • Huaimek

    I have given this opinion on several occasions . I think pilots may have known something was seriously wrong and turned the plane with view to returning to Malaysia , but even they were overcome and suffocated . The plane flew on evetually running out of fuel , coasted down to sea level , where it has eventually sunk without breaking up .

  • bigbanglasers

    So they have no idea…anyway, go to the site on my icon to see more

  • goggles pisano

    Nope, do not buy this one bit. Oxygen masks would have deployed and the pilots able to lower the plane’s altitude where oxygen would have been naturally available.

  • pam spencer

    their going to be looking in or very near the diamantina trench,

  • Akab

    Find out from CIA i guess because they and Boeng manufacturer capable of hijacking any Boeng plane with auto pilot.

  • rocketman21

    Monkey airlines inventing new and interesting ways to kill you.

  • Corey

    So they put this theory out there just to make everyone feel better?? Even though they have no grounds to make such an assumption. At this point I don’t believe a word any “official” has to say. They either have no clue what happened or they know exactly what happened (most likely terrorism related) and are grabbing at straws to keep the families and others off their back until they can figure out a solution to what has transpired.

  • Susan Yanas

    Here’s a brilliant idea!!!Interrogate the heck out of the wife!Do you think for one minute she doesn’t know what happened!!!Wives know pretty much anything and everything that a husband is up to!Maybe she was leaving him, and he committed suicide taking everyone with him. And planned it that way! Or there’s always the U>F>O> theory…Maybe they stepped in to save hem…After all, they do live under the ocean. They could have easily abducted the entire plane and saved everyone.
    How’s that for crazy theories!!!But possible.

  • http://batman-news.com Cordell Clark

    The key to finding Malaysia Flt. MH370 is with the information that Rolls Royce should have regarding this particular flight. Rolls Royce is the manufacturer of the $20 million dollar Trent type engines that are present on the Boeing 777, and these engines have sensors embedded in them that are monitored by satellites. Rolls Royce has stated that their in performance engine monitoring ceased when other communication (ACARS, radar) stopped although the satellites were working normally. This may be the result of problems with a large consignment of Lithium batteries that the plane was carrying. Lithium is very unstable and most airline companies refuse to ship these batteries. Airplane crashes have resulted due to Lithium fumes leading to explosions and fires. Malaysia Airlines is one of the few companies that will ship Lithium and this flight was carrying 450 lbs. of the batteries. If there was a fire caused by these batteries, onboard extinguishers would have been ineffective . This unlikely scenario would explain why Rolls Royce could no longer monitor engine performance via engine sensors.