Mako Shark Weighing Over 800lbs Caught In Florida

    April 23, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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When Joey Polk reeled in the catch of a lifetime, he thought he might be able to keep it a secret until he got it back home.

Polk caught the monster fish from land and it took him an hour and a half to get it to shore. The shark pulled out 2,700 feet of line during the struggle, and caused Polk to wonder if he was going to be able to get the giant in at all.

Once he got it to shore, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The fish was a rare mako shark and was over 11 feet long.

“When I saw it, I knew it was a big fish. I’ve been fishing since I was a little kid, but I thought it was maybe 700 pounds or so, then when we weighed it, it came in at 805! It was amazing,” said Polk.

He placed the 805 pound mako shark in the back of his pickup truck, where he thought it would be well hidden. When he stopped for gas on his way home, the gigantic shark drew in a crowd of interested and curious people and his secret was out of the bag. One of the onlookers took a photo and uploaded it online where it quickly went viral.

The fish is the largest mako shark catch on record. The previous record was held by Polk’s cousin, Earnest Polk. The Polk family catches sharks often and usually releases them. Polk chose to keep the 805 pound mako because it was injured too badly to be released. He shared it as a meal with friends and family.

The Polk family has a secret fishing spot where they catch giant sharks often, but they refuse to reveal the location. Joey Polk and the rest of his family hope to catch even bigger sharks in the future and enjoy competing with each other for the record.

What do you think of the huge shark?

Image via Twitter

  • derbycitydarlin

    Where in Florida was it caught?

    • cristypalmer29

      Somewhere in the panhandle of FL. They are not telling exactly where. I, at first heard Navarre Beach.

      • derbycitydarlin

        Thanks. Leaving Saturday for vacation on the gulf side of Florida. But we will be in South West Florida. That’s a relief

  • Tomtalker

    How sad that some people like this guy can’t put there damn pride and
    egos aside. And think about the animals welfare and how long it took
    that shark to get that big. Only to die an unnatural death at the hands
    of some “ego loving” asshole. Completely disgusting as far as i’m

    • Bellistic

      I totally agree with your statement, as a biologist, I feel that we need to “evolve” as a species and care more for the animal than our simple ego or pride. And you are right, it took that shark many years to grow to such a size, very admirable size. He avoided fishing lines and nets for a long time only to get caught and die like that. I only feel sorry that the man wasn’t more compassionate, when he only needed to take some videos or snap a picture. I only believe in catch and release methods!