‘Mako Mermaids’ Season 2 Production Vlogs Hit YouTube [Netflix Originals]

    February 4, 2014
    Chris Crum
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The second season of Mako Mermaids, one of the less talked about “Netflix originals,” is currently in production. It began shooting in December.

Fans (of which there are apparently plenty) may enjoy checking out these vlogs from the production, which recently hit YouTube.

These are the first Mako videos to hit the Jonathan M. Shiff Productions YouTube channel since the famous Nixie “lobster test” scene.

By the way, it looks like the first season is headed for DVD.

Image via Netflix

  • Lauren

    When dose mako mermaids season 2 come to Netflix?

  • Dyllon Skeen

    I love mako mermaids it makes my day alot better I got so sad when I finished season 1 you guys are great.actors and actresses I wish I was in your shoes

    • Sj

      You mean fins

  • jessy

    I love you mako mermaids

  • fmasotti

    love me too from italy!

  • Shay McKinney

    I love this show..just finished the first season on netflix, and I cannot wait until season 2:)!!

    • Naicha

      I really want to know when is season 2 is coming to Netflix, please answer me through ncorrearobles@gmail.com thnx

  • Carah

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! it is so cool can’t wait until season 2 comes out

  • Boomer

    when does season 2 come to Netflix. It seems that we have been waiting forever for this season to come out. I heard that filming finishes in July. Does that mean we wont see the final product until the fall or even next spring? A year between season seems a little much to me in regards to waiting. I feel a lot of season one fans will leave and not even watch season 2 because it’s taking to long to film.

  • Mary

    They already finished season 2 so why isn’t it on Netflix? I mean…it is a freaking netflix original series…

    • gabby

      soo true

    • booty


  • ava

    I prefer h2o just add water.

  • Geerishajr

    I Love This Show
    But I Love H2o Just Add Water A Little More
    My Rates
    Mako Mermaids 99%
    H2o Just Add Water 100%