‘Mako Mermaids’ Season 2: Another Production Vlog Released [Netflix Originals]

    April 8, 2014
    Chris Crum
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The second season of Mako Mermaids, one of the less talked about “Netflix originals,” is currently in production. It began shooting in December.

Fans (of which there are apparently plenty) have been treated to a few production vlogs, which Jonathan M. Shiff Productions puts on YouTube every noow and then. Number four has now` been uploaded:

They didn’t offer these kinds of vlogs during production of the first season, though they did have a behind-the-scenes look at one of the mermaids eating a lobster.

The first season, by the way, appears to be headed for DVD at some point.

Image via YouTube

  • Sarah Wood

    Please let us know when series 2 will be released in Netflix in the uk – my daughter is having withdrawal symptoms!!!

  • Williams M. Gumbs

    Let us know when is coming the next season 2 in Netflix original in USA