Making Money With Affiliate Programs

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Affiliate programs have long been known as the quickest and easiest way for internet marketers to make money. There are plenty of advantages to joining affiliate programs for the sole purpose of making money online.

* Company Sponsored Website!

When you join most affiliate programs, you will be given a company issued website with your affiliate id used in the url. You do not have to worry about getting and maintaining your own website. This is very good for the html challenged internet marketer.

* You Do Not Have To Be Shakespeare!

With the affiliate programs sponsored website you will not have to write one bit of sales copy. This is a very good thing because I can not tell you how many times I have been surfing the internet and have come across some peoples personal sites with spelling and grammatical errors. Those sites are not very attractive and lead to quick exits before the potential customer has had a chance to even find out what is being sold. The bigger affiliate programs normally hire professionals to write their sales copy, which in turn let’s you reap the rewards in commissions.

* No Product Required!

When you join an affiliate program are you are signing up to sell a ready made product or products. Someone else has already gone through the expense of developing a product for you to sell. You don’t have to worry about carrying inventory or shipping the product, or even handling credit card orders. This will all be done for you by the company.

The above points have shown you what you do not need to do or have in order to make money with affiliate programs. However, what you must do in order to profit with affiliate programs is advertise.

Advertising is the lifeblood for any internet marketer. The Smart marketer will use multiple advertising campaigns to make money on the internet. Let’s look at some of the ways to make money with your affiliate programs.

* Classified Ads

All good affiliate programs come with promotional materials which you can use to promote their product or service. Text ads are good to use with classified ad sites both online and offline. You can do a search of free classified ad sites on google or yahoo. You may also consider using your local papers classified ad section to promote the product you are selling.

* Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click Ads are a very popular way of promoting affiliate programs. You bid on a keyword, use your text ad and pay the amount you have bid on when someone clicks on your ads. Overture is the most popular, but also one of the most expensive. Use your search engine to do a search to find a ppc that fits your budget.

* Article Writing

Writing articles is a good way of advertising your affiliate programs for free. Write an article about something relevant to your business opportunity, and place your affiliate website url in the resource box at the end of your article. If the reader has enjoyed your article they may click on your link and you have a potential customer.

* E-Zine Advertising

E-zine advertising is also a very good way of advertising your affiliate programs. Internet marketers with huge list will sell you space in their e-zine for you to advertise. Prices vary depending on the number of people subscribed to each person’s list. You can normally find marketers willing to sell you advertising space in e-zine directories.

These are some of the advantages and ways to advertise your affiliate programs. Good Luck!

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs
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