Making Chic Fonts

    September 4, 2003

Overall I like the design and layout and I think it works well. The colors give it a very classy look and suggests a high-quality product. The product page seems very intuitive and I am a big fan of the “We also recommend..” cross-sell approach. I think this sets the stage for a functional shopping cart, which maximizes impulse puchasing trends. I think this a great design. It is easy to use and again, very intuitive.

My concerns would be in the font usage. Im not a big fan of the left menu font. I do recognize that it represents what it will look like in HTML, yet I would be looking to incorporate the font for the top right buttons more. It appears to be “Myriad” or “Helvetica” I think that a better fit for the left menu would be the “Myriad all caps” as seen in the “Basket Content” button. (Or whatever it is)

This would bring up the HTML vs. Graphic Intensive argument. In which I would argue, would not be a significant problem. Your talking about only adding about 5 or 6k of download time. In return, you’re getting a much classier look for the navigation. It loads once on the home page, gets cached..and boom..You’re shopping for some classy clothing on a very “chic” site.

Anyway, just my two cents.
Overall I think it works well.

Christopher T. Fitch
Art Director

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