Make XP Media Center Look Like Vista

    April 21, 2006

Green Button community member CM_MC has created a theme for Windows XP’s Media Center that gives it some of Windows Vista Media Center’s stylings.

From the screenshot, it appears the most significant change is that the mini controls in the corner are now transparent and much better looking. Also, the background is now the much darker blue of Vista MCE (not necessarily the most popular change).

The one issue: This is all possible because of a program called MyThemes, and the commenters at the Green Button don’t seem to trust it. Since I trust the Green Button and its knowledgable members, I’m going to hold off on installing it until I get the word that it’s safe.

This is via Chris Lanier’s blog, where Mike Garcen has the comment of the day:

Just wait til Vista comes out, and then someone makes a theme to make it look like 2005 : )

Absolutely! Microsoft has made some questionable decisions on Vista MCE (not bad, just questionable) and if people don’t like it, they will fix it themselves. MCE fanatics are just like that.

For further fun, here’s a skinning program for Windows Vista’s Sidebar, so you can change the stylings of the feature. It even works on the patched Sidebar that runs in XP.

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