Make Registration Forms Irresistible With Personality

    September 11, 2006

You can create an irresistible offer by humanizing the registration process. Help your potential registrants know that you are real, caring people behind the scenes.

The more your registration process shows you care about your registrants, the more comfortable people will feel signing up for your event.

Share with them in a way that you would want if you were the registrant. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you providing enough information to answer ALL questions they might have?

Do you have real contact names and information accessible throughout your registration process versus and a generic 800 #?

Do you have an FAQ section about your event available on your website?

Does your writing style attract them?

Do you use “you” in your text versus describing the event or “we”? Do you use less than 15 words per sentence? Do you use simple words in place of complex ones? Do you avoid clichs and syrupy say-nothing slogans?Are you putting some heart into it?

Raise your empathy index to attract more registrants.

In some cases, anxiety arises because a prospective attendee may feel your organization is an impersonal entity. This is especially true if the event is very large. You can help to reduce this anxiety by listing a staff member’s name for the registrant to call. By listing a name with the registration number, you convince the perceptive attendee that they will receive personalized attention. A provider reassures a prospective attendee that individual attention is being given to registrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t make your audience hunt for answers to their questions. Anticipate frequently asked questions and list them in your promotional materials and on the website. With a registration site armed with answers, you are more likely to convey that you have anticipated your registrants’ questions and concerns and put thought into their experience.

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Bill Flagg is the President of RegOnline, a provider of easy to use event management software.