Majority Use Social Media Marketing, Still Have Questions

Report Highlights Interesting Statistics on Social Media Marketing

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Social Media MarketingAuthor and WebProNews Blog Partner Michael Stelzner, has put together an interesting report based on a survey of 900 marketers. The report looks at the state of social media marketing. Interesting stats from the report include:

– 88% indicated they were employing social media for marketing purposes

– 72% have only been using social media marketing for a few months

– 64% of marketers are using social media for 5 hours or more each week

– 39% are using it for 10 hours a week

– 81% say the number-one benefit is generating exposure, followed by increasing traffic and building new business relationships

– Over half saw a rise in search engine rankings

– Out of social media tools marketers most wanted to learn about, social bookmarking sites ranked highest followed by Twitter.

Marketers and business owners still have a lot of questions about social media marketing. The report looks at the top ten questions they have:

1. What are the best tactics to use?

2. How do I measure the effectiveness of social media?

3. Where do I start?

4. How do I manage the social balance?

5. What are the best sites and tools out there?

6. How do I make the most of my available time?

7. How do I find and focus my efforts on my target audience?

8. How do I convert my social media marketing efforts into tangible results?

9. How do I cohesively tie different social media efforts together?

10. Does social media marketing work, and if so, how effective is it?

Stelzner’s report contains plenty more information than what is sampled here, and it paints a pretty interesting picture of the overall impression of social media marketing. Most people appear to have accepted that they should be using it in one form or another, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions, and there is a large thirst for knowledge in this area.

The medium is still in its youth, yet continues to evolve rapidly. Some questions don’t have any concrete answers, and are perhaps best answered by the marketers/business owners themselves. Not every business is going to find success through social media marketing in the same manner. That’s one of the greatest appeals of the medium though. There are so many possibilities.

You can see Stelzner’s full report as well as a video narrated by Stelzner himself here

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Majority Use Social Media Marketing, Still Have Questions
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  • himanshu

    I have been using Social Media Marketing for over a year now and find it very useful to get target audience. All the members of the my forum http://eventplanningforum.ning.com have come through social networking sites like orkut and facebook. Social sites are also useful to build relationship with your target audience and to enhance brand image.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Nick Rinylo

    All social media site have a search marketing aspect.. You are essentially generating links to sections of your site whether it be blogs, tools or your site.

    I found that the newer site specifically have these functions built in.

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

    Social networking websites if utilized efficiently and strategically can be a powerful markeing avenue. However, one has to know what and how to work with them.

  • http://mentorrhonda.blogspot.com/ Rhonda

    In any type of business that you are in personal relationships are important. With the social sites it is possible to get to know someone on a more personal level. We all want to know who we are working with and what type of individual they are, these sites give us that opportunity. I have been on for almost a year. I didn’t really “get it” until just recently, but there are so many people willing to help each other understand it now that it is simply awesome!

    Great article, thanks!

  • kate

    Social media and the use of it for marketing is a business game changer! I just saw an interview with 2 writers that have talked about how President Obama used social media and extracted those lessons into a book called Barack 2.0 Check out this great interview with them!http://3rdpoblogs.com/colderice/2009/03/23/barack-20-social-media-lessons-for-business-the-tactics-that-won-the-white-house-part-1/

  • http://www.prdepotchicago.com Nic Soto

    Great post!

    What are the best tactics to use?A good lesson, or two, is that when joining the social media networking circles, always join as YOU. Not your company, creating a profile on a social network to simply post a photo of your product, and slap in a sales pitch is not going to fair well. Be you, whoever you are. A real photo of yourself (or at least a photo that best represents you…never leave empty), a real bio and then add your line of work and start building those relationships…start getting to know your connections, converse, offer and share information. When adding people to your network, think first. Is this a reasonable connection? Do you have things in common? The last thing you want to do is add whomever crosses your path, or adding people for the sake of having a large connection base…keep it personal. Also, before even jumping into a network, make sure its worth the effort. Is this the right medium for reaching my goals?

  • http://www.seopros.org Guest

    All ten questions are the same ten everyone is asking because nobody can really know because the techniques are too new. Exacerbating the measurement and quantification of success is tough due to the problem of measuring activity from Social profiles and bookmarks. Anyone who thinks they can know the answers to the 10 questions is likely never going to really get it.

  • http://www.searchmarketer.ph Alfredo from Search Marketer Philippines

    Well, we have just used Social Media Marketing where i work and i still need to know how to get the maximum return of investment in time and money.

  • http://www.movie666.com/ Deke Thornton

    I’ve been using FB for marketing, but have yet to really get my arms around social bookmarking. Can anyone point me towards a good information source to learn the ropes of social bookmarking? At the risk of sounding completely clueless, I’ll admit I’ve made several attempts to use delicious and can’t seem to get my arms around it. Maybe it’s just too ugly for me and I need to start with something snazzier. Any tips appreciated!

  • http://www.intrakitdesigns.com Intrakit Designs

    I guess my question is how many are using social networking sites for marketing and how many are using for SEO value (if any)? I use a few social networking sites but my fear is they’ll all turn into myspace, the cheap date everyone’s had a turn at.

  • Joe Smith

    You talk about social media. What is social media. I am your average dumb dumb on web marketing. Try explaining what is social marketing before engaging in a conversation about the subject you assume everyone knows about.

    I also love the math question at the end of the reply box. I guess the internet world thinks we are all 5 year olds but we are assumed to know about the internet world.

  • http://www.mountjuliet.ie/ Shane

    We have being using social media now for about 3 months and so far we have seen a positive response. However this is not really bringing any business benefits yet, but we can really see the relationship building as a benefit.
    So far we see that FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular for us. MySpace and bebo do not really work for our area with very little activity on these systems.

  • http://www.interleado.com Bill Egan

    I regularly use social networking to make contact with potential new clients.

    For example, I recently placed a news item on a news website promoting our company

  • http://www.fabulousphotogifts.co.uk Fabulous Photo Gifts

    I’d like to echo several of the opinions expressed here if i may?

    Social media is all about building relationships – in the commercial world, we must understand that getting a new customer is just the start of a long term relationship with that customer – keeping in touch via social marketing and more direct methods ensures this relationship continues and the customer hopefully returns to you again the next time they need a gift etc.

    It is hard to quantify whether you’re getting value for money I agree but I think particularly in this economic climate if you’re not doing it then you’re giving your competition a head start.

    Nothing beats welcoming an old customer back – whether that’s to order something or they’re just leaving a friendly comment – perhaps one you can use as a testimonial?

    Great topic.

    Jonathan – Fabulous Photo Gifts .co.uk

  • http://www.latterkursus.dk/latterkursus.htm Ejvind

    You always start by creating an account. The next step is to read some of the other peoples ideas – become inspired, and the third step is to start writing about your interests, life and so on. Good luck.

  • http://www.minneapolisfinder.com Minneapolis Finder MN

    The question is: are those who use social media real buyers? My hunch is that most of these social media users have lower desire to buy. They are hanging out on the internet to make friends. Having said that, if your company has something really cool, social media is the good place to start the buzz that can lead to viral marketing.

    Great article!

  • TomTMaine

    I see numerous mentions of people using social marketing and getting positive results and increased web traffic – but they are not identifying the type of business or website they are involved with. Is it involved with retail? Without being nosy, its hard to understand if their definition of success is anything really useful and transferable to other business models, of if its success is just a small groupd of friends.

  • http://www.changagorham.com Mr. CG

    First things first, it was mentioned earlier, the first thing to do is sign up! Get on board. Most people overlook the importance of your profile and having yours stand out from all the rest. Having an interesting background, with a compelling picture, and an honest bio will take you far. You need to be yourself and look for others like you with similar interests and opinions. Don’t just sign up and start ‘pitching’ your next great offer. Provide some good honest value and be consistent in your beliefs and your posts.

    Social media marketing is here to stay, and making good use of it AND ‘certain technology’ that can automate the social marketing tasks you need to succeed is vital. You can build important relationships with social platforms(MySpace,Facebook,Twitter) and have people contacting you about your business if done correctly.

    Mr. CG
    Follow Me on Twitter: changa74

  • www.heanorfestival.co.uk

    I thought this was a useful summary where social media is at and how important it’s becoming, I’ll be putting more effort into promoting our festival site this way in the coming months

  • http://www.heanorfestival.co.uk/ heanor festival

    I’m not sure we’ve personally seen any benefit from our social media efforts but we’ll keep trying

  • http://linkdirs.blogspot.com/ Eric (SEO Expert)

    First of all I will like to say: “INTERESTING STATS”.

    Now the answers:

    Best Tactics: Best tactics include having friends and followers on a particular social media site, owning communities etc., having good karma, messages etc. and all this requires time and I will prefer to spend time on writing my blog posts instead of making friends on social networks.

    Effectiveness: Yes it works and is effective but to a certain extent and the traffic you get from there is not the organic one and in most cases organic traffic is what one needs and as of PR, it wont help you alot in increasing your PR.

    • http://www.citieslive.com Jer

      I have been reading some of these posts and I have to say to those of you balking on myspace. How can you argue with the numbers? It is one of the most visited sites on the net, just short of google and yahoo. Yes it is trendy and everyone makes fun, but can you argue the numbers? I make fun of myspace, microsquash(microsoft) and lots of the big guys but I can tell you this they are doing things right. I personally hope that one day someone is making fun of my sites as I am sitting back in my easy chair looking out over the Caribbean with a nice umbrella drink in my hand.
      If you want your PR to go up use every one of the major social networks… if for nothing else SEO. No you may not get clients out of those networks but in the long run it will bring you good fortune. (Sounding like some sort of proverb or something) All I can say is I have used the social media to my advantage both locally and globally and I average over 10k unique hits a day. Granted the site is entertainment related so it was very easy to market this. The key for those others that are not “entertainment” is to make it interesting and make people want to know more.
      I will also say that when I was hard at work doing SEO for this site the big boy’s at Microsquash didn’t like me so well. I was coming up first on all search engines for key words Cities and Live. Not a good thing for Microsquash when someone else is ranking better then them on their own search engine for the word Live. I attribute a lot of these rankings because of the social media… If you don’t want to learn how to use these networks, find someone who knows. Your web presence will thank you for it.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/nuetzel GuestArlington Nuetzel, Author

    No, this is entirely worthless shit. You mush for brains teenagers can’t sort out the webs space. What works and what doesn’t?
    You have no idea. Well, when you figure it out, please let the old farts know. Meanwhile, we’ll be passing you like you’re standing still. Because we’ve already been there.

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