Mainsoft Brings ASP.NET To WebSphere

    June 2, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The company’s MainWin for J2EE, Portal Edition, enables IBM customers to run ASP.NET applications natively on the WebSphere Portal.

Mainsoft’s president and CEO Yaacov Cohen said on the company’s website that the MainWin for J2EE, Portal Edition product “takes .NET-WebSphere integration to the next level, offering end users a single point of customizable access to both .NET and Java portlets.”

The technology lets .NET developers rapidly deploy ASP.NET applications as pure JSR 168 portlets. That gives the portal environment access to both Java and ASP.NET applications.

By extending WebSphere Portal’s capabilities to ASP.NET, programmers can craft applications in Java, C#, or VB.NET. Then, application users can access the various applications through portal with a single-sign-on process.

The security model means the portlets created in MainWin can access the authentication and credential vault in WebSphere.

It reduces the number of intrusion points available to an external attacker that could be present in a mix of security solutions.

MainWin should help bring .NET developers into a WebSphere programming environment more quickly.

Developers would not have to learn a new IDE or rewrite .NET code in Java before being able to redeploy it to the Portal.

From their environments, ASP.NET developers can invoke both the JSR 168 and IBM Portal APIs when building applications. And, .NET programmers can invoke Java class libraries and Enterprise JavaBeans methods within their application.

The MainWin for J2EE tool is intended for shops shifting from ASP.NET on Windows machines to WebSphere on Linux boxes.

Mainsoft looks like it is targeting those shops that are cost-sensitive enough to make that kind of switch with the minimum amount of disruption to their development efforts.

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