Mail Call For Windows Live Hotmail

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The new email service from Microsoft will receive a name that combines the familiar Hotmail name with the heavily-backed Windows Live brand.

Ultimately we think faithful Hotmail users will continue to call the Windows Live branded service by the name they have known for over ten years. Long-time users who recall Hotmail’s origins may remember the various obstacles Microsoft encountered in 1997 when they bought Hotmail and moved it from Solaris to Windows servers.

(Note: I know Wikipedia says Hotmail was on FreeBSD. My recollection was it ran on Solaris. Anyone who can definitively clarify this is invited to post in the comments below.)

Great times, those were, with people limited to a few MB of storage space, and spam was not running between 70 and 90 percent of the email on the Internet as it does today.

Richard Sim, senior product manager for Windows Live Hotmail, discussed how Windows Live Mail would receive a tweak, to make the more well-known name part of the service:

To do this, we started from scratch and built a whole new service from the ground up

Mail Call For Windows Live Hotmail
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  • david87656

    Hotmail was originally on FreeBSD. For a while, Netcraft would report that. Not sure if does anymore.

  • softweyr

    Hotmail was originally implemented with mail and web services running on FreeBSD, while the database servers ran on Solaris.

    Hotmail made a well-publicized move to Windows 2000 Server early this millenium; it’s hard to believe anyone in the industry missed it. In the process, Microsoft had to add 50% more machines — so much for the “total cost of ownership” issue.

    • david87656

      My understanding was, that somewhere in the process, they were forced to move back to the FreeBSD boxes because W2K couldn’t handle the load. So, I guess with 50% more machines, they finally got it to work under Windows 2K. Intereting …

  • Janet Wall

    I am trying to get into my hotmail account and it won’t let me yet someone got into my account to send out e-mail that I didn’t send.

    My niece advised me of this. This never happened under the old setting not with Live Windows. I was forced to up date to Live Windows.

    Now I am forced to change my account and my business. I will no longer use your service.

    Thank you very much.

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