3 Magic Ways To Increase Your Sales!

    November 24, 2003

1) Tell your potential customers in your ad copy that you will donate a percentage of their purchase price to a specific charity. This will show them you really care about people. They may just buy your product so their money will go to the charity. For example, you could say, “I will donate .75 cents from each order to the (name) Foundation.”

2) Ask your potential customers plenty of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions in your ad copy. The questions should remind them of their problem and make them think about what will happen if they don’t purchase your product. For example, you could say, “Do you want to get out of debt?” “Do you want to have financial security?”

3) Tell your potential customers they will receive a free prize if they find the five words in your ad copy that are misspelled or spelled backwards. The longer you can keep someone reading your copy, the greater chance of them purchasing. You could also have them find hidden links, hidden graphics, etc.

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