Madonna, Grammy Awards: Grills Piss People Off

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Madonna told Ryan Seacrest during a red carpet interview at the Grammy Awards Sunday that she wears grills on her teeth because she likes to piss people off. The 55-year-old also claims her 8-year-old son David designed her attire for the evening--which matched his--a Ralph Lauren ensemble-- a black suit/tuxedo, replete with an oversized black fedora. On little David the outfit was adorable. Madonna looked like--well, it was different, to say the least. At least she was covered up more than usual, as any 55-year-old woman should be--but not always the singer's standard. Thankfully while in the company of little David, she kept her Twitter hashtags to a far less racist level.

"We're both working the Ralph Lauren angle," Madonna told Seacrest. "For this look, I followed his lead. He dressed me tonight. He wanted me to dress like him, so I obeyed him."

The Material Girl accessorized her Ralph Lauren ensemble with a cane, too--purportedly a result of a dance injury.

"Yeah, I'm grillin'," Madonna said of her ridiculous mouthful of glittering mess. "It pisses everybody off when I wear my grill, so that's why I wear it."

She also added that she wears the mouth piece "when it matches my outfit. When I don't have to eat. Actually, I've learned to eat with my grill in."

Wouldn't everyone be honored to watch that?

Little David complained while on the red carpet that his mother promised she'd get him grills, but so far hadn't come through on her promise.

"She said she'd get me grills for this birthday," he protested, to which Madonna quickly put on as much of a "Mom" demeanor as she could manage, adding, "I know, but we haven't had time. We have to go to the dentist to get a mold!"

When asked what she was singing or with whom she was performing at the 2014 Grammy Awards, she replied with her usual holier than thou demeanor--the "Mom" act long gone.

"I wouldn't do any old song with any old artist, but I feel like history is going to be made tonight," she teased. "So I want to be part of that."

Madonna, of course, came on stage and sang while a pre-arrange group in the audience, most of whom were same-sex couples, tied the knot.

So what's your take on Madonna at the Grammy Awards? Were you glad she kept some clothes on? Did you feel like she performed more on the red carpet than she did on the stage?

For some--who, although they appreciate her talent feel she's starting to look like a chewed up and spit out skinny pre-teen, it was plenty. Others, no doubt, wish she'd headlined the show.

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