Maddie Ziegler Shines In Sia’s Chandelier Video

    May 12, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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If you have ever seen an episode of Dance Moms, you probably noticed the impressive little dancer, Maddie Ziegler. At only 11 years old Maddie has won numerous dance titles and is an amazingly mature dancer.

Maddie has made it clear on the show that she plans to be a star someday, and her recent appearance in Sia’s new music video for her single “Chandelier,” has gotten her one step closer to her dream.

Sia’s song is about being abandoned as a child and Maddie dances throughout the entire video, expressing through her dance the many emotions that an abandoned child goes through.

In the video, Maddie wears a plain leotard and a short, blonde wig that almost makes her unrecognizable. Her dance moves and facial expressions however, make her easy to identify.

Maddie has gotten a huge amount of positive feedback about the video and it has been shared thousands of time on Twitter and Facebook..

@NayaRivera @Sia Omgthank you so much this made my day!

— MaddieZiegler (@maddieziegler) May 7, 2014

Stop whatever you're doing and watch the #video to @Sia's superhit'Chandelier' w/@maddieziegler now! Thank us later! http://t.co/ipGVdIwXGt

— Sony Music In (@SonyMusicIn) May 7, 2014

Very proud of this video and @maddieziegler !! CHANDELIER! Official video, HERE! http://t.co/otKvwKdlft

— siafurler(@Sia) May 6, 2014

MUST WATCH! This @sia video is EVERYTHING! Been in awe of @maddieziegler for years! I feel like a proud #DanceMom ! http://t.co/L8LJpJIeO8

— Lance Bass (@LanceBass) May 9, 2014

this video is unreal: http://t.co/kvEvcttQiA congrats to @sia + @maddieziegler!!!! wow!

— christinaperri(@christinaperri) May 7, 2014

Maddie competes with the Abbie Lee Dance company and has been dancing since she was 2. She has modeled for several dance clothing lines, appeared in a commercial for Sketchers and had a role as ‘Young Deb’ on the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva. Maddie is no doubt talented, and the video was a chance for her to show off her talents in a new way.

What do you think of Maddie’s dancing in the video?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Guest

    This girl is amazing. Just no words to do her justice. Maddie’s talent remind me of another girl named Claire Meiner Stuart. She is also an incredibly talented girl.

    • oldballetfan

      Maddie is very talented but the topic and costume are inappropriate for an 11 year old. And now she is apparently the darling of the peophiles web sites even more than her and her other dancer friends were before.

  • oldballetfan

    Maddie may have benn amazing in Sia’s video chandelier but Sia sounds like a cat whose tail was stepped on Any poor Maddie is once again on the pedophiles web sites in her nucde leotard from the video. They have taken poses that Maddie looking nude and posted them on all the pedophile site. Sia was singing about when she used to drink heavily arounf the age of 17 and continued for 6 or so years. Why have an 11 year old girl appear portraying an at least 17 year old. The pedophiles have always talked about Maddie and the other girls in the dance troupe. The mothers need to get their girls out of the situation they are currently stuck in because of contract.

    • Sigbab

      What a nice paragraph full of victim-blaming.

      • oldballetfan

        sounds like you do not even know the defination of victim blaming. It is not and 11 year old fault. But you can blame her mother, her dance teacher, and collins entertainment for allowing it to happen and of course Sia who obviously had it all planned out.

        • Kate

          oldballetfan, before you go on telling other people how they should behave I really think you should first stop logging on to pedophilia web sites.

          • oldballetfan

            Hey twit brain I got the information from an ex police person who is now a pedophile hunter., I do not go to pedophile sites I wouldn’t know how. But I can read articles online in googled pieces about how people think the video is kiddie porn. So shut up you don’t have anything intelligent coming from your brain.

          • Kate

            First you say you got the info from an ex-police person, then you say you read articles online regarding other people’s opinions on whether the video is ‘kiddie porn’ (why do people re-name pedophila as ‘kiddie porn’? just call it what it is – pedophilia). I think you’re a bullshit artist.

            Well, not much of an artist, more just bullshit, really.

            Making a mountain out of a molehill.

            There is no sexual agenda or message in the video, if a person viewing it does consider it sexual then I think that is a reflection on the viewer, not on the video. So … why is it that you look at an 11 yro girl dancing and think of it’s sexually attractive oldballetfan? Sounds like you might need to get your head read.

          • oldballetfan

            what are you really a Ken and you like little girls on the internet. Kiddie porn is illegal by the way be careful you don’t get caught. I do not like looking at little girls dancing is next to nothing or nude leotards to simulate nudity. Toddlers and Tiara and dance moms should be taken off the air. They sexualize young girls and the cretins in society just love it they are the shows biggest fans.

          • oldballetfan

            hey dumbass you can be told something by a person and then see more about the topic other places online. It is everywhere if you have enough brains to use google. I am not so sure you know how though.

        • Sigbab

          Your follow-up comment is a perfect example of victim-blaming.

          I notice you forgot to place blame on the only guilty party — the pedophile.

          It is people who think like you that perpetuate rape culture. I realize you want to be an advocate for the right people, but you’re doing it the wrong way.

          • oldballetfan

            bite me ahole. The kids mother and manager are the ones at fault and Sia herself. Maybe you like kiddie porn and that is why you say I victim blame. Maddie is the victim because of idiots like you who put up with her being portrayed in this disturbing manner.

          • Sigbab

            Ah, yes. And now comes the ad hominem attack, because that will totally boost your argument.

          • Kate

            Hey Sigbab, I’m thinking oldballetfan is a troll. An underaged one by the sounds of it. What do you reckon?

          • Sigbab

            I don’t think it’s a troll; I think it’s absolutely of its stated mindset. Many people don’t understand the difference between “entertainment” and “art.” For that reason, they feel that the artist is “irresponsible” in some way for creating her art the way that she did and making calculated choices to create the intended mood for her audience. This music video is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen, and conveys a brilliant message and gives tremendous impact that would be entirely absent if Sia had made choices with which oldballetfan would be satisfied. It wouldn’t mean what it means, and it wouldn’t convey the heavy feeling of despair (and complete lack of security) that a child feels when she is abandoned.

            You and I and 6 million others can enjoy it for what it is: really great art.