MacWorld: App Lets Users Track Rocket Launches


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Vito Technology announced today at Macworld the ability to track rockets into space with their Solar Walk and Star Walk apps.

The apps have been out on the market for a while and have recently added satellite tracking to their list of features. Speaking at Macworld, they announced that they soon will be adding the ability to track rocket launches from the SpaceX program.

Star Walk is an app that lets users locate and identify objects in the night sky. Solar Walk provides a 3D model of the solar system. Star Walk has a dedicated iPhone version along with an iPad-optimized version. Solar Walk is compatible across both devices.

Vito Technology has signed an agreement with the European Space Agency. The first technology to come from their cooperation was a spectrum bar for their Star Walk app. It allows users to view the sky in different wavelengths.

They are also working with the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX, to provide live space rocket tracking to both devices.

Vito Technology is using Macworld to showcase the education opportunities of their apps to coincide with Apple's education initiative revealed in New York last week.