Macromedia Shockwave Update Features Bundled Yahoo Toolbar

    June 4, 2004

Recently, while perusing the Internet during a break, I discovered that my Macromedia Shockwave player needed to be updated. When prompted, I approved the download and waited for it to complete. After the download was finished, Shockwave informed me that it was going to proceed with installing the update upon my approval.

It was during this part of the process that I noticed the Yahoo Search Toolbar was also bundled in with the Shockwave download. Macromedia’s installation prompt informs the user that Yahoo’s toolbar is featured within the download, and asks if you would like to install it.

The approval checkbox was defaulted to check the “Yes” selection; meaning that unless the check is removed, Yahoo’s utility would be installed on my computer. This is a standard operation with many software downloads. Many companies bundle third party programs within their installation files. In fact, Real bundles the Google toolbar when the RealPlayer is downloaded.

Furthermore, Macromedia gave me the option of not installing the Yahoo Toolbar, unlike some spyware bundles which install without prompting you or getting your approval.

However, the thing that struck me as odd is that the Macromedia website search is powered by none other than Google. By having Google power their site search, and at the same time, offering Yahoo’s toolbar in one of their applet downloads, Macromedia appears to be straddling the fence between two very large competitors in the fight for search engine dominance.

Perhaps Macromedia is preparing to switch to Yahoo, much like the CNN and Sports Illustrated websites did. Of course, this is just all speculation. Macromedia may in fact be an equal opportunity website when it comes to search and search-related tools.
Although, I would like to hear what Google and Yahoo have to say about Macromedia’s arrangement.

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.