Macromedia Muscles Development With Flex

    October 6, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Flash Player will be updated to version 8.5, and will be accompanied by the company’s Flex 2 product line.

Macromedia has launched a new Eclipse-based environment for developing Internet applications. The Flex Builder 2 platform can integrate Flash content with the applications as they are built.

The company will make the Flex Framework 2 available. This will be the core programming model and component library. They have also updated the Flex offerings with Enterprise Services 2, for data services and open adapter support, and Charting Components 2 for data visualization.

Alpha versions of both Flex Builder 2 and Flash Player have been scheduled for availability on October 17th. That coincides with the forthcoming MAX 2005 developer conference in Anaheim.

Gartner analyst Ray Valdes was cited by Macromedia as noting how enterprise-level applications need to meet the expectations of a rich user experience on the client-side while providing a secure and reliable connection on the back end. Macromedia sees Flex and Flash Player 8.5 as an important foundation for building Internet applications that respond as quickly as desktop-based software while fulfilling those expectations.

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