Mac OS X Tiger – Great News!

    April 30, 2005

When an upgraded operating system is launched, it usually comes with a number of new features. Tiger will be no different.

Apple is preparing to go to another level with its upcoming OS. Offering what is being called “The World’s Most Advanced Operating System,” today Apple announced the highly anticipated next version of its Mac OS X, which now resides at 10.4, called Tiger will be available to consumers on Friday, April 29th.

Currently, Apple is taking pre-sale orders at the Apple Store for only $129 (single user upgrade price). The shipping information also indicates current purchases will be shipped and received by April 29, which is the official Tiger launch date. Shipping is also free, for now.

Boasting over 200 new features, Tiger should feature enough new stuff to keep Mac users happy for some time. What follows is a cross-section of the new features, courtesy of

Experience the breakthrough new desktop search technology that finds anything on your computer as quickly as you type. Search your entire system from one place: Files, images, emails, contacts, calendars and applications appear instantly.

Zooming to the top of your Desktop with the click of a function key, Dashboard, like Expos, disappears just as easily. Use Dashboard to access nifty new mini-applications called widgets.

Safari RSS
The world’s fastest web browser for the Mac, Safari now boasts built-in RSS support. Scan the latest news, information and articles from thousands of websites in one easy-to-read, searchable article list using Safari RSS.

iChat AV
Tiger iChat AV brings multi-way video and audio conferencing directly to your Desktop with new technology that delivers stunning, true-to-life picture and crystal-clear conversation.

An innovative personal automation assistant that helps you streamline challenging repetitive manual tasks without programming, Automator works like a robot inside your computer.

QuickTime 7
Make the future of video crystal clear with new QuickTime 7 features including user-friendly controls and pristine H.264 video. Upgrade to QuickTime 7 Pro and capture your own movies, then share them via email or .Mac.

Parental Controls
Mac OS X Tiger is the most family-friendly operating system ever developed, thanks to Parental Controls. Protect kids over a wide range of system preferences and applications, including Mail, Safari, iChat and more.

To see a comprehensive list of Tiger features, click here.

For those following the search industry, Spotlight will be the feature that draws the most attention. The robust desktop search engine has performed exceptionally well in its testing phase.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit Apple’s Tiger page.

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