Lyrics, Bridge Collapse Top Searches

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I’ve become enamored with Google’s Hot Trends feature that lists the top 100 searches for a particular day. It’s a glimpse into the culture that’s hard to get, in crisp clear text. Even if you’re not sure you want to see.

It’s also a good, simple way to keep up with what’s going on in the news, really. A spike of searches for "fisher price recall" for example can let you know there might be a problem.*

Today’s top searches are still up in the air, but it looks like Katharine Seelye’s article about the Republican YouTube debates is winning. But if you look at the scatter (the terms that take on various word combinations), people seem most interested in the Duggar family, which brought its seventeenth baby into the world.

Mom must have awesome Mother’s Day gifts, though.

The crowd also seems quite interested in searching the names of specific people involved in the Minneapolis bridge collapse. Queries for specific individuals have replaced searches for information about the bridge collapse in general, which dominate searches Wednesday night.

The bridge came in second on Thursday, though, to people searching for the lyrics to specific songs. If I hadn’t been watching the particular show all these oldies but goodies were appearing on, I wouldn’t know why there was such an interest.**

The top search yesterday was for "pretty woman lyrics" followed by "we got the beat lyrics" with "just once lyrics" in fourth place. The rest of the list is peppered with other songs appearing on Wayne Brady’s new game show "Don’t Forget the Lyrics."***

But perhaps the biggest takeaway from all this is, if you’re not interested in being a type of removed, American culture digital anthropologist, is that if people see it on TV, they search for it on the Web, perhaps proving that intimate connection between the two media.

*And there is a problem. It’s called imports from China: poisoned pet food, faulty, dangerous baby products, flip flops that cause chemical burns, lead paint on the toys – just try and find a product made elsewhere, though. It’s darn near impossible. Let me get this straight, just to digress a little. The US has one case of mad cow disease in 2004, originating from a cow in Canada, and Japan bans US beef. China sends over millions of products that put us, our kids, and our pets in danger and we’re still trading with them? Something’s wrong there don’t you think? My guess is that it affects Wal-Mart and Target’s bottom line too much. 

**And I still haven’t figured out where there’s sudden renewed interest in Grace Jones, other than Moby cited her as a major influence for his new album. Seems to me like it took too long to get rid of her the first time – why drudge up pain from the past?

***Which is much better than "Singing Bee," I have to say – much less cheesy, even if the Honey Bee dancers are quite lovely. They’re no Solid Gold Dancers, though.

Lyrics, Bridge Collapse Top Searches
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