Lycos Attacked By Their Own Screensaver

    December 3, 2004

In a move that surprises no one, the screensaver that Lycos created to target spammers has been used to target Lycos. The screensaver was designed to launch a DOS attack against sites that are known for their spamming techniques.

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However, according to ZDNet UK, one of the spam companies has turned the tables on Lycos by having the screensaver target Lycos’ site; which, incidentally, has been taken offline by Lycos. In ZDNet’s article, security company F-Secure indicated that one of the sites targeted by the search engine redirected traffic back to Lycos’ screensaver page.

According to The Register, the Lycos MakeLoveNotSpam site now displays a graphic that states “STAY TUNED”. In light of these events, it certainly looks like Mike was right.

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