Luxpro Sends In The iPod Shuffle Clones

    June 2, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Taiwan-based company has brought out at Computex two devices that bear a strong resemblance to Apple’s tiny media player.

Apple was not pleased with Luxpro when it brought its iPod Shuffle clone Super Tangent to CeBIT this year, and managed to get removed from the trade show floor.

Luxpro Brings Out iPod Shuffle Clones

But in Luxpro’s backyard, the company has brought out two more devices similar in size and appearance to the Apple device. The Top Tangent and EZ Tangent appearing at Computex have one feature that the iPod Shuffle does not: an OLED screen.

On the Top Tangent, the screen measures 64×48 pixels, while the EZ Tangent sports a 128×64 pixel screen. Those screens can display ID3 track data for the MP3s it plays, something the screen-less Shuffle cannot.

Users will find the screens more useful than the two flashing LEDs the Shuffle uses to communicate. The Tangents also feature FM receivers and a voice recording function. The players support digital rights management, and will playback MP3 or WMA files.

Battery life will be around 10 hours, according to a Luxpro spokesperson, and 512 MB and 1 GB storage sizes will be available. The Tangents come in white, black, or red, and should price for around $100, with production beginning in late July.

The previous version of the Tangent was not sold in America, though it could be found on eBay in the $100 range. It is not known if the new ones will be available in the US.

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