Luigi's Habit Of Falling Asleep Anywhere Is Starting To Get Dangerous


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For three videos now, Nintendo has made light of Luigi's apparent narcolepsy. Sure, it may be a main gameplay mechanic in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, but it's still a dangerous condition. The latest video advertising the game doesn't do anything to address any health problems that Luigi may have.

In the latest, and what appears to be last, video, Mario and Luigi are hanging out by the pool. Luigi hops in only to fall asleep on a floating pool raft. That could be dangerous. Does Mario try to save his brother though? Of course not. Mario instead opts for the dream world instead of staying behind to ensure his brother remains safe. It may be the year of Luigi, but Mario apparently still doesn't respect his own flesh and blood.

All joking aside, this video series has been a wonderful look into the kind of world Nintendo might create if it kept on making live action ads like this. I can only hope that ads for Super Mario 3D World feature a live action Mario wearing a cat suit.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is out now for Nintendo 3DS.