Luckily, YouTubers Have ADD

    October 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Remember that time somebody tripped you in the cafeteria and you fell face first into your own mashed potatoes? Yeah, well, it’s like that, only bigger.

Here’s a case for being a web-hermit: Anything you say or do and record will be held against you for at least a week on YouTube.

A week is about how long it takes for the Internet to stop pointing and laughing. At least that’s how it was for Miss Teen South Carolina, Caitlin Upton after (poor thing) she couldn’t catch a train of thought if she had a map of Such As, bless her heart.

(In the South, blessing somebody’s heart is cart blanche to say whatever the hell you want about a person – shows you know how to be polite while being mean.)

Stephen Bagg at has a nifty map of the country as people discovered the clip on YouTube, Upton’s own home state participating in the pointing and giggling the most. (My guess is she got her heart blessed quite a bit, and a few "God love her" wishes too.)

"Aired on August 24th," writes Bagg, "the clip first launched the following day and rocketed into the public eye, reaching 1.6 million [YouTube] viewers at its peak – perhaps the best publicity for the pageant yet – before waning by the end of the week. In a shocking twist, the online viewers skewed male."

Well, she’s still smokin’ hot, regardless of her off-the-cuff verbal skills.

At least we know now that if you get YouTubed for something you’d rather didn’t get out, the Internet has a relatively short attention span. If you can endure for a week, they’ll buzz on to something else.