Low-Carb Diet: 4 Myths That Can Hurt You


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It’s true that low-carb dieting can have positive effects on your body. You’ll lose weight, feel more energized and probably find it easier to meet long-term fitness goals.

However, there are some beliefs that low-carb fans swear by that aren’t necessarily true. And in some cases, this false information may do far more harm than good.

Here's four myths often associated with the low-carb craze that should be more carefully examined.

You’re Fat Because You Eat Carbs!

The truth is that not all carbs are equal. It is the refined carbs that are more likely to contribute to someone’s unwanted weight gain.

Eating too many of these type of carbs can contribute to diabetes and heart disease.

Instead, be sure to eat good carbs like quinoa and bananas.

The Best Low-Carb Diet Is A NO-Carb Diet!

Carbs give you energy to do things like exercise, or simply get from Point A to Point B without falling on your face.

Good carbs also play a vital role in protecting your body from disease.

If you want to cut back on carbs because you’re eating too many or eating the wrong kind, that’s fine.

Just avoid taking it to an unhealthy extreme!

Some Fruit And Vegetables Are To Be Avoided Because They Are Carbs

Carrots may be carbs, but they also contain some VITAL nutrients. They provide you with 210% of your daily vitamin A needs. They also contain the antioxidant beta carotene and various other vitamins and minerals.

Some fruits and veggies are given a bad wrap because they are carbs when the truth is they are far more healthy than you think.

Wheat Is An Awful Food And All Grains Should Be Avoided!

And this is the part where I put on my bullet-proof vest because this is probably one of THE most hotly contested health topics right now.

Brace yourselves, because the truth is you should only go out of your way to COMPLETELY eliminate wheat if you are allergic to it and or suffer from celiac disease.

After that, you should try cutting wheat from your diet only if you suspect it contributes negatively to your overall health.

Just be sure to avoid refined wheats and grains A.K.A. refined carbs, and you should be fine.

If you enjoy certain whole wheat products and have noticed no particular negative side effects, then there's no harm in having them as a part of your diet. Don't be goaded to remove something from your diet based on someone else's fear without any proof that it's harmful to you personally.

What other low-carb myths are you aware of? Share in the comments below!