Louisiana Gunman Kills Hostage Before Being Shot

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A standoff inside a Louisiana bank ended in tragedy last night after a 20-year old gunman shot two of his hostages before police took him down.

Fuaed Abdo Ahmed gave authorities a list of demands after taking over the Tensas State Bank in St. Joseph, and based on that list, police believe he was a seriously ill individual. Ahmed told them he had a device in his head that made him hear voices and said he wanted it all to stop. He also had a bag full of items to torture people with, and police believe he would have done just that to his hostages if he'd had the time.

"His intent was to inflict pain and kill these individuals," Louisiana State Police superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson said.

Ahmed initially held three people hostage but let one woman go during the 12-hour standoff; the other two hostages, a man and a woman, were both shot before the S.W.A.T. team swarmed in. Police have not identified them but say one died and one is in critical condition.

Ahmed's family owns a local convenience store and were at the scene to help police. However, Ahmed was prepared; authorities say he had a book on hostage negotiations and knew what he was in store for.

"This was not a bank robbery," Edmonson said. "He actually had a book for negotiations... and knew exactly how the negotiations would take place, the questions he would be asked."

Amanda Crum
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