Lords of the Fallen Debut Trailer Launches at Gamescom


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While this particular title may not be getting the same level of hype as other Gamescom participants--EA, anyone?--judging by the trailer, Lords of the Fallen looks like it might be worth your time, that is, if cinematic trailers for video games are something to go on. Your mileage may vary. The game itself is being promoted as an action RPG, which brings to mind games like God of War. Perhaps solidifying this comparison is the fact that protagonist is "defying the Fallen God."

This comes complete with a strong representation of the game's mythology throughout, at least judging by the promotional images on the game's Facebook page. The debut trailer, which was first shown at Gamescom 2013, only reinforces these themes:

As you may have noticed, the game is being published by City Interactive, the same company that released the Sniper: Ghost Warrior games. While this might be something of a caution flag for some gamers, the lead developer for Lords of the Fallen's is Tomasz Gop, who was a senior member of the Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings project. Considering the reception to Witcher 2 has been incredibly positive, by both critics and gamers alike, the hope is some of Gop's magic carries over to Lords of the Fallen. While the trailer doesn't show much anything in the way of actual gameplay, the mood it sets invites further exploration.

For fans of the action RPGs set in medieval environments featuring mythological storylines, the game will be released on PCs and consoles sometime in 2014. For those wondering about a solid date, it's still early.

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