Loomia Searches For your Podcasts

    January 16, 2006

A new search engine, Loomia, comes into view on the horizon. Loomia, launched last June is a search engine designed for podcasts of all sorts. The site is laid out well and is a good place for those new to podcasting to go visit and learn about the new medium. The newest feature they’ve added is a recommendations section.

The recommendations feature is pretty cool. It allows Loomia to suggest some various podcast the user might find enjoyable. It’s a nice addition to the company’s line of products.

In many ways, they look to be trying to do with Technorati has done with blogs. They’ve got this new feature. They’ve got top posters, top channels popular tags, most active users, etc. Perhaps the most amusing thing on the site was the “Most Popular” channels listings.

The most popular channels are a top ten listing of what’s being frequented. The podcasts (both video and audio) include Pod.porn.com, SuicideGirls Video, open source sex, Sex With Emily, Yeppie.Org Sexsound Podcast, TOEFL, the Yum-Yum Girlie Show Video Podcast, Real Lesbian Porn, Seduction & Street Clubs and MXL:

With the exception of TOEFL, all of the sites listed provide adult content. This stands to reason though as adult entertainment/sex drives everything else on the Internet. Some of these podcasts are video podcasts too so some viewers will get an eyeful if they weren’t expecting it.

Overall, this looks to be a strong search offering. There are tons of other podcasts besides the adult ones on a wide variety of subjects and topics. But if the adult thing is your thing, they’ll have the recommendations for that one too.

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