LookSmart Intros Tool for Serving Best-Performing Ads

    July 21, 2009
    Chris Crum

LookSmart announced a new tool called SmartRotation today. It is a cost-per-action (CPA) driven tool that automatically serves the best-performing ad creative in an ad group based on conversion data from a tracking pixel.

"It doesn’t matter how many clicks you have if it doesn’t convert," said Michael Schoen, Vice President and General Manager of Advertising Platforms at LookSmart. "While other platforms only offer even ad rotation or optimization by click-through rate (CTR), LookSmart’s SmartRotation analyzes conversion rates and serves the best-converting ad creative, giving advertisers a better rate of return on their search investment."

Schoen actually talked about SmartRotation with WebProNews at ad:tech earlier this year, back when SmartRotation was still in limited beta testing:

Some things to note about SmartRotation:

– Automatically serves the ad creative with the best CPA in a campaign

– Provides detailed information about which keywords and traffic sources are performing

– Easy to integrate into online campaign management

– Built on LookSmart’s AdCenter platform

LookSmart’s distribution network sees over a billion queries a day. The company says SmartRotation allows advertisers to optimize campaigns by conversion events like sales, sign-ups, downloads, and registrations to drive higher performance.