Looking at Desktop Search

    March 27, 2005

The Washington Post is running a story on the various DTS apps available. They seem to favor Google and MSN above the others, but the point I found most interesting was this…

But these programs also shouldn’t exist: Their capabilities should be built into the operating system, something both Microsoft and Apple are working on. Windows users have a while to wait — Win XP’s successor, nicknamed Longhorn, won’t ship before the summer of 2006 — but Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger should arrive this spring.

It does seem rather silly that we (you) would even need a third party app to search files…

I don’t run Windows, so have not tried any of them – I am about to buy another machine though, and will run XP on it, if only so i can try some things like this and write a more informed post :)

So, if you’re using DTS, what are you using and why?

Windows does have a file search, but it is pretty slow, especially when you have large harddrives with lots of files – which it isn’t really built to handle.

So as far as I understand it, the DTS is simply apply more advanced information processing, so that searching for information is quicker and easier.

Which is great if someone hacks into your computer and wants to find passwords or business documents. 😮

Source: Seeking a More Intuitive Search Tool

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