Long Beach Beating Victim’s Girlfriend Speaks Out

    September 4, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Long Beach police officers are under investigation after a video of officers beating a man was leaked on YouTube. Lee Ann Hernandez, the girlfriend of the man in the video, says that her boyfriend has mental issues and that his family plans to sue the police department.

Porfirio Santos-Lopez was involved in a fight with two other men on Labor Day. When officers arrived and tried to take him into custody, he reportedly resisted arrest. A cell phone video an anonymous bystander captured shows Santos-Lopez being beaten with batons and shocked with a Taser during the arrest. The police officers are accused of using excessive force in the situation.

The Long Beach Police Department doesn’t believe the officers were in the wrong in the incident and claims that Santos-Lopez assaulted the arresting officers. Sergeant Aaron Easton says that Santos-Lopez punched officers and “fell to the ground and began kicking officers.” The individual who took the video of the beating disagrees, saying that Santos-Lopez wasn’t fighting back at first. “He was just laying there, taking the Tase and the baton hits. I guess it’s just a typical reaction that anybody would have, just start kicking around.”

Santos-Lopez was taken to the hospital after officers subuded him, where he received stitches and treatment for a collapsed lung. He faces four charges, including resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. According to Hernandez, the beating and charges are unwarranted because Santos-Lopez has mental problems. Hernandez told the Los Angeles Times that her boyfriend had been drinking lately and acting paranoid.

“He thinks my late husband is here,” Hernandez said. “He thinks he’s angry and he’s trying to hurt him.” Santos-Lopez’s girlfriend also claims that her boyfriend isn’t a violent man. “He’s not the one to go out and fight. His mind was probably agitated and he wasn’t himself.” Hernandez says she has requested Long Beach police to help Santos-Lopez receive psychiatric treatment in the past, but that her pleas have went unheard.

So far none of the officers involved in the incident have been suspended, but they are being investigated to determine whether excessive force was used. Hernandez says that Santos-Lopez’s family is planning to sue, which wouldn’t be the first time the Long Beach Police Department has been sued for using excessive force. Last year a $1 million lawsuit was filed for injuries sustained while police were making arrests during a drug raid.

Warning: Video of the beating below contains graphic content, including vulgar language.

Image via Long Beach Press Telegram

  • Denise

    This is the most disgusting,cruel,abusive, abuse of power from men and women that are sworn to help us. All these police surrounding him could have contained him without all this cruelty. Ladies and gentle this is the epitome of caucasion, latino, and African-American bullying trash. I only hope that you were able to get a good pic of the unit numbers on their cars, and their faces. Everyone of them need to be prosecuted for attempted murder.

    • ,,!,,

      Maybe get all the facts before posting such dumb shit. This dude was in a fist fight with 2 other men. Then when the police arrived he started to fight them. He was tased to the ground and when officers tried to cuff him he kicked one officer in the head and then you see the chopped/screwed part of the video the media wants you to see. So yea keep believing what the media tells you sheep.

      • Denise

        You must be a little evil person as well. Have a look at his size. DU–SH. It doesn’t take 8 bullies to fight him off DU-SH. You, darling, have a hard heart and a cold soul with anger issues.

        • Throwback

          I have anger issues with chicks who let their hormones do the talking. These “bullies” will take a bullet for your whiny ass in a heartbeat.

          • Denise

            Don’t be a bitch, dude. They will sell you harmones. It will calm your angry, disfunctional, evil but down. And you are the only whinning. Boo F Hoo! LOSER

      • Denise

        I haven’t seen the news. I was viewing first hand camera DU-SH. Maybe you are the SHEEP. You actually think that all these cops can’t contain this medium size man without excessive cruelty. You, DUDE, have a hard heart and cold soul. Yeah, you are the sheep. I think the police in Syria need your low mentality.

        • Lisa Robinson

          I Meant to hit like on your comment but hit unlike instead sorry

      • Lisa Robinson

        It Don’t make a f–K what the guy did before. I believe when you sign up to be a cop there are certain risks involved and if the guy kicked you in the head, well that’s part of the damn job ,how f-ing many of them do you honestly think it would take to hold the man down long enough to cuff him or are you that big of a PU–y that your afraid of getting a little bruised up. Well get a different profession if you have to inflect that kind of harm to arrest one man just because you have a GD badge don’t give you the right to use that kind of force. U Fu–ing PU–y

      • Lisa Robinson

        What no name? you must be one of the damn pigs in the group chicken shit MFRS

        • Elina

          @Lisa Robinson: I think that “NoName/,,!,,” guy was one of them too… You’re right though, they didn’t need to go that far. They literally look like animals circling their prey.

          • Lisa Robinson

            I wish we could see who liked or disliked our posts cause I’m having a hard time believing that that many people disagree with those of us that think the incident was police brutality

      • Elina

        Okay, great the guy was in a fist fight prior to the arrest, but newsflash BOZO this is America – Our legal system doesn’t practice “An Eye for an Eye”
        What these officers actions displayed is illegal and deserves to be investigated! That was a beating, which is not justifiable, but nice try. Delusion seems to be your strong point.

        • Elina

          This comment is in reply to ‘,,!,,’

  • Jason

    If he just would have rolled over on his stomach he wouldn’t have gotten most of that done to him. You could hear him screaming “why?” every time they told him to roll over. Well now he knows why, because you do what Cops ask after your aggressive and confrontational or you get beat. Now do I always agree with cops? Hell no. But when someone can easily cooperate and they don’t, then I don’t feel sorry for them.

    • Andrew Sheen

      He was also yelling why after he got beaten and tased. He was not posing any threat and the officers could have teamed together to subdue him by force rather then do bodily harm. Beat a dog and it will try to get away. It rarely will do what you are yelling. Would you think the same if it were your son, brother or other? Keep in mind. Use of force needs to be in the best interest of the safety of the 1- Public 2- The Person being arrested 3 – the officers safety. In this video what one of those items do you see that make it necessary to use force on this man? Because he asked why? Well let’s put corporal punishment back in school and every time a 2nd grader asks why let’s beat him into submission.

    • Lisa Robinson

      If you felt threatened would you roll over on your damn stomach. No me either.

  • Darlene

    I’m so glad this disgusting incident of police brutality was caught on tape. Just imagine how many others are not and the cops get away with this shameful behavior.

  • Elina

    What in the world!!! I can’t believe what I just witnessed these police officers do – That big hyena circle was way out of control and completely INSANE!!!

    Good thing this incident was caught on tape, another arrest is in order. In this situation, there is no justification for that type of response by the LBPD. Those police officers completely abused their power, nonetheless, that was straight up assault with a deadly weapon(s)!!! The actions displayed by the LBPD in that video are absolutely disgusting and illegal!

    What a huge disgrace to their badges and a complete embarrassment their chain of command! Shaking My Head in disappointment – Dirtbags!

  • Copkilla

    FTP. That is undefendable, inexcusable and inexplicable police BRUTALITY. PIGS are disgusting. Fuck the cops, 75% of them. That video is disgusting and I hope all of them are removed from the “force.” Nobody likes cops, but they give themselves no reasons to be liked. Fucking pussies. Makes me sick.

    • Andrew Sheen

      You’re making a great point that the police are wrong here. Your way of making it is wrong. Your points are why a lot of officers have meltdowns and eventually end up treating people like this. They feel the hate and see screen names like yours. Not everyone hates cops. Law abiding citizens don’t fear or hate cops. Sure if they do something wrong they are never happy to see them but they don’t hate them.

  • http://webcamdebauchery.com Dagon & Angel

    Fucking Pigs!

  • Andrew Sheen

    No matter what may have happened before, this video started, the fact that there are 4 officers surrounding him makes it hard to believe that the officer needed to beat him multiple times. I don’t know of any police training that tells you to continue to beat a suspect after he hits the ground. He has no weapon and is holding parts of his body that the officers struck or used the taser ( don’t know If spelled that correctly). These officers should be suspended after this video surfaced. Get them off the street now.

  • http://webpronews Rich

    Right on Jason! The police were dealing with a mentally deranged person. They are often unpredictable and could be very dangerous to the officers if he scratched or bit one of them. It is possible too much force was used if he was tased as often as the bystander stated, but there is no video proof of this. I would say the officers should be cautioned about how their actions would look on video but no disciplinary action should be taken unless proof of improper action becomes very evident.

    • Lisa Robinson

      OH mfg are you for real, YOU:”hey guys just be cautious cause someone might have a video camera and that would look bad if you were caught kicking the shit out of someone, But if you know that your not being filmed , do your worst cause hey we are cops and our word is law ” You are a Fucktard

  • Reality

    Anyone who has ever spent a lot of time around police know that they are crazy and control freaks. They are also dirty as hell.

    These things happen all the time, but few are caught on video tape. Think this is bad? Pull up the video tape of officers in Los Angeles slamming a pregnant woman to the ground. At one point, there are 6 officers surrounding this woman as she is hog tied on the ground. (Yes, her stomach was pressed against the ground.) Apparently, the officers were “afraid” for their lives. What is sad is that this happens all the time. Police are simply not your friends and are out of control in this country. The mass media just never covers it or if they do, they give it a minute on TV.

    Los Angeles Case:


    San Antonio Case:


    Ocean City Case:


  • Hmm

    We have 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prisoners. In some places, such as Georgia, 1 in every 13 people are in jail, on probation, or on parole. The realities of America are that:

    A) We are a police state.
    B) A massive amount of money is made off of incarceration.
    C) Our courtrooms do not work. If you don’t have money, you are screwed.

    Most of America goes by what they see on TV. They think our courtrooms are just and our cops are saints. The reality is not at all like you see on TV. It is very difficult to get justice in American courtrooms. Most people are forced to plead guilty because of faulty evidence and threats. Simply put, if you do not have money, you will go to jail or prison because it is very difficult to prove your innocence and make no mistake — you are guilty until proven innocent in this nation. It is very costly to prove your innocence.

    Cops also have the highest rates of domestic abuse in the nation. Higher than combat veterans. The mentality of those that go into law enforcement is messed up. Highly controlling and violent. Things have gotten especially bad in the past 15 years. The cops of today are not like the cops of the 1980’s. Back then, there were a few dirty cops, but today the majority are dirty and only a few our good.

    I used to love cops and think they were great, but they simply have changed. The average American is in denial about how dirty they really are. This stuff happens all the time.

  • Reality

    I wrote a comment that is awaiting moderation. In it, I explained that this stuff happens all the time. I also gave three links to three different stories of cops abusing pregnant women. They haven’t approved my comment yet. I guess it was due to the links to all the videos of the incidents.

    Go look for yourself. Search on the keywords: tamara gaglione and huffington post

    Our police are out of control in this country. This is just the stuff that gets caught. What about what is happening in the shadows on a daily basis? Anyone, who has ever been around cops for any length of time, knows that they have a warped mindset.

  • Hmm

    Police commit more crimes than criminals in this nation. You just never hear about it because you can’t go to anyone about it. The police are policing themselves — literally. They are not going to arrest themselves.

  • Throwback

    Anyone who calls police “pigs” should get in line for a good beating yourselves. It’s you whiny,sue-happy potheads on government “disability” bringing the rest of us down into your third world shit hole existence. You hate America because you are total losers living in a winners culture.

    • LMAO

      Yes, you are a throwback. A person who doesn’t realize the world has changed. That is called living in a dream world.

      Your feelings of inadequacy are showing by the way. Real winners don’t have to tell everyone how they are winners.

    • Lisa Robinson

      You throwback , should have been swallowed! Your parents would have done the world a favor by doing so.

  • Reality


    Do a story on Tamara Gaglione from LA. Let the readers see how cops treat pregnant women who get pulled over while stuck in traffic. Show the video. It speaks volumes.

    Thanks and good article.

    • Erika Watts

      Thanks, Reality. Please forward your tip to WPN at Tips@WebProNews.com to have it reviewed for addition to the assignment list.

  • http://nationalshowtickets.com Susan

    The is inhumane no matter how you look at it. The man was laying down and merely not rolling over. There could have been a miscommunication that could had been resolved without unnecessary force, no threat to the lives of the officers where being made. Time could have prevented the agression.

    • Lisa Robinson

      I would be afraid to roll over on my stomach too if I was him I once worked at a convenience store and was robbed , when the guy pulled the gun and told me to get on the ground ,to lay on my stomach , I could not make my self do it I could not turn my back on someone who I felt threatened by as im sure this guy felt by the animals in this video

  • Kari

    Well, that was one of the most abusive displays of power that I’ve ever witnessed on video. My Dad was a cop before he died, and my Uncle still is. I’m proud of who they are and what they’ve done to help our community. Both of them would say the actions of these officers SHAME THE BADGE!!!! I’m not a cop hater, but those cops are dead wrong and don’t deserve to carry the badge and gun they’ve been entrusted with.

  • Used to Love Cops

    I used to love cops but not anymore. I wish I could trust cops but I can’t. There is too much evidence out there that shows they aren’t deserving of trust.

    The evidence is all around of how dirty they have become in the last 15-20 years. They are setting people up left and right. They are beating people. They are supplying drug dealers with the drugs. They are not reporting all the money they get from drug arrests. They intimidate and think they are above everyone else. They are killing people in prisons. You could be in prison for a freaking pot charge, stealing copper, or some sort of bogus internet crime and literally end up dead because some cop had a bad day. There are so many killings done by cops in our prisons and they are the ones bringing the drugs into the prisons. It just gets all covered up. Cops pull over attractive women on purpose so they can try to get sex from them. The list goes on and on. You can’t deny it either because you see the stories every day.

  • http://webpronews jennifer

    I think those cops should receive the exact same treatment that man got from them! Disgusting that more cops showed up and took part of this. The man was down flat on his back for God’s sake why continue to beat him with that baton and tase him several more times?! CLEARLY A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE CIVIL RIGHTS and JUST PLAIN OUT MORALY WRONG! There are awesome cops out there but it takes sorry low down ones like this to give them all a bad name.

  • Adrian Angeldonis

    GET AND PUBLISH HERE THE NAMES OF THE COPS AND FIND OUT WHERE THEY LIVE, who they’re neighbors are, friends, family, coworkers…. Get the data, store it and share it now, time is running out…..

    • Adrian Angeldonis

      You guys are finally awakening, the lines are no longer being drawn, they are forming…….. and military, guard, cops, your local FBI AND CIA clowns who dwell amongst you need to be identified and catalogued for the fight…. You can knock on those doors of free will and ask those all important and friendly community questions…

  • Adrian Angeldonis

    Remember, the community as a whole represent your minutemen squad, not the few a**holes who possesses a badge of sorts that live on your streets. When the fighting starts their symbols won’t mean much when protecting your loved ones, true neighbors, community and friends. So please feel free to beat, film and fire at will if they don’t yield to your commands, for you possess constitutional authority and NO ONE ELSE! Any questions?

  • He deserved it.

    Most of you saying that this is unjust are so uneducated it’s sad. Regardless of mental health issues or not, if your being taken into custody by law you have to listen to lawful orders. No cop is going to bend down to take this guy into custody while he’s on his back kicking his feet. There’s a reason cops tell people to lay on their stomachs. Officer safety. I’m sure if it was you or one of your loved ones that got the shit beat out of you by this guy you’d want every measure taken to get him into custody and charges pressed or you’d sue the police department for not protecting you. Bunch of money hungry hypocrites. Just get a job and stop trying to sue people.

    • Lisa Robinson

      Who the hell was they protecting but them self !!!I didn’t see anyone laying on the ground but perp, who by the way was the only one needing protection from THE COPS

    • Lisa Robinson

      You no what, morals don’t have shit to do with education . I do have a fucking job actually I own my own business, you are without morals u fucktard, and which cop got the SHIT BEAT out of him ? I would be appalled if my loved one beat or stood by and watched someone get beat like that . Did the cop that “took a beating” have to get medical treatment also ? Probably not