Lonely Planet's iOS App Offering Free NYC Guide Through December 14th

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If you are planning on visiting New York City this holiday season, or have any plans to visit New York City in the foreseeable future, you might want to jump on this deal and save yourself about $6 and probably a lot of headaches.

Lonely Planet, one of the most popular producers of travel guides around, it offering a 3-day special: you can download their guide to New York City for free through December 14th.

The Lonely Planet iOS app is free, but the actual travel guides cost a few bucks (usually $5.99 each). There are free "lite" guides to big cities like Paris, Rome, Las Vegas and yes, New York. But these are of course simply sample guides and won't provide anything close to a comprehensive walkthrough.

The Lonely Planet app requires that the guides be downloaded, which is both good and bad in a way. Once you grab the guides, they are obviously accessible offline. But then again, they can be kind of large. For example, the NYC guide is about 45 MB.

The Lonely Planet app has over 70 city guides available for download, and a couple of cities like London and Paris even have their own audio walking tours. It also contains audio phrasebooks for over 25 different languages.

I took a Lonely Planet guide with me when I first visited New Orleans, and it was well worth the money. If you think you just might travel to NYC sometime soon, it would be ridiculous not to take advantage of the free offering of this incredibly comprehensive guide.

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