Lonely Planet Pairs Up With Searchforvideo

    July 11, 2007

A good friend of mine just left for a month-long trip to Europe, and, as far as I know, did little in the way of preparation beforehand.  Now, my friend’s a smart fellow, and I’m sure he’ll come back alive, but for those who want to do a bit more research – or who simply enjoy learning about other places – Lonely Planet TV has become available through Searchforvideo.com.

David Clarke, Searchforvideo’s Vice President of Business Development, did an admirable job of explaining the situation.  “Lonely Planet Guides have shown travelers the way for over 30 years,” he began in a press release.  Indeed, according to the official site, there are now around 500 different Lonely Planet guides and phrasebooks.

Clarke then continued, “searchforvideo is delighted to have Lonely Planet onboard to provide our users with LPTV’s original and user generated video content.  Now our users can view international travel advice from off-the-beaten-track & backpacking to budget or pampered travel to major cities and get inspired for their next travel adventure.”

Of course, the deal will also benefit Lonely Planet – a little positive publicity and exposure never hurt anyone.  Lonely Planet TV is now a “featured channel” on searchforvideo, and six “publisher channels” within it are known as “Tripcast,” “Bluelist,” “Encounter,” “Parties,” “Guerilla,” and “Wow.”

There you have it, then – readily available guides and interesting clips corresponding to various parts of the world.  The video quality’s decent, so if you’re interested, these really are worth a look.