Lolo Jones in the Market for Love Following the Olympics

    July 25, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Lolo Jones is an attractive girl, which is why I find it surprising that she’s currently single. I’m sure training for something as epic as the Olympics kind of squashes any hopes of romance, but this doesn’t mean Jones isn’t going to start looking after the event has come to a close. So if you’re young, hot, and, preferably, an actor, then give her a call once she’s done proving she’s a much better athlete than you. There’s a strong possibility she might call you back.

“Whatever actor is watching this—if you’re single and you are hot, I am single as well. Hit me up after the Olympics,” she told E! during a recent interview. Somewhere in Hollywood, Tom Cruise is inserting lifts into his shoes and dreaming of the wonderful times they’ll have together.

In case you’re interested, Lolo Jones is currently 29, stands at 5-foot-7, and weighs a 141 pounds. Plus, she’s remarkably successful. The Iowa native is also something of a celebrity these days, scoring seven sponsorships and getting plenty of coverage from such outlets as HBO, ESPN, NBC’s Nightly News, and, last but not least, Rolling Stone.

Here’s the catch: Lolo Jones is a virgin, and she intends to stay that way until she’s married. So if you’re a hot, talented young actor looking for a quick Olympic booty call in the middle of the night, Jones isn’t your girl. She has values, folks, and she isn’t about to change them just to satisfy her carnal desires. I wish more people had this level of self-control.

If this article hasn’t scared you off, then perhaps you’re the right fit for the amazing Lolo Jones. Be sure to give her a buzz after the Olympics. Assuming, of course, you can handle dating an attractive girl who could kick your ass without breaking a sweat.

  • joe

    WOW..I like how she says “whatever actor is watching this”..LOL. Talk about desperate to be in the spotlight. Whatever happend to just being a good descent dude with a good head on your shoulders. I guess cause she can run fast and jump things thats not good enough. Hope ya find true love Lolo. Ask katie Holmes how that worked out:) But ya get to be famous and talked about by people for awhile so I guess thats neat.

  • Caneboy

    Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

  • prince jackson


    why does the guy need to be an actor? there are a lot of good men out there – some are just “average Joes”. If you limit yourself to a certain category in men, you might miss out on someone realy good.

  • Seriously

    Lolo Jones is remarkably superficial which is the ultimate turn off. For all I care she can keep her virginity or become a post sports porn sensation.

  • jeremy lin

    Lolo let’s go on a date!

    • Mike Whiteside

      The Jeremy Lin?

  • Mike

    I’m ready when you are Lolo. I’m praying for you. Good luck.

  • jay

    Get over yourself LoLo!!!!, its not like i care i am happily married to a nice decent non-celebrity wife and i couldnt be happier, keep in mind celebrity marriages don’t last long.

  • B

    Man, respect for yourself that’s great, now u just need to find a guy with those same values and who can respect u as much as u deserve.

  • Donny

    She needs breast implants before she can call me…

    I can be superficial too!!!

  • Mark Jonson

    People it was a joke in the context of who she was being interviewed by, “E”!!! If she had been talking to Bass Pro magazine she would have joked “single hot fisherman”.

    Have we all lost our ability in critical thinking?