Lolo Jones Gets Twitter Backlash For Eric LeGand Tweet

    October 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Lolo Jones has made quite a name for herself in the past few years as a force to be reckoned with on the track, competing in the Olympic Games with a drive unmatched by many. She is well-recognized because of the media attention she gets (like Tim Tebow, Jones claims she is a virgin and will stay that way until marriage), and, like many athletes, she is often challenged to prove her skills against a jokester who thinks they can take her on.

So when she got a tweet from football player Eric LeGrand asking for a race, she sent this in reply:

“Get Checked for a concussion. Clearly, u’ve been hit in the head… Cos u arnt beating a track athlete.”

The problem? LeGrand suffered a spinal injury in 2010 and is now paralyzed from the neck down.

As soon as the tweet went out, the backlash began. Jones’ Twitter page was flooded with angry responses accusing her of being insensitive and horrible. Very few people seemed to realize that Jones wasn’t aware of who LeGrange was at the time–she only knew he was a football player–and was simply joking back the way she does with many fans. She later apologized and reached out to LeGrange, who took it in stride.

  • Glen

    Apparently Amanda doesn’t know who LeGrand is either, since she referred to his as LeGrange twice.

  • Frank

    Exactly what in Jones’ tweets says she apologizes? I still like her but classless to refer to him as “that dude.” And to get all defensive about it. Just say your’e sorry.

  • greg

    Lo Jones is a cry baby period, she wil make comments then say I am sorry then when someone writes about her she cries she can just eat CRAP!!!!

  • Tony

    …and why is she in hot water? How does she know about him?

  • jeff

    some of u hater need to get a life……..

  • jeff

    some of u heater need to get a real life…..