Logicworks Announces Availability of Managed Oracle 10g for Linux

    August 23, 2004

Logicworks today announced the availability of Managed Oracle 10g for Linux as part of its managed database hosting services.

Managed Oracle 10g has a range of new features including automated storage and memory management, automated tuning and an improved management interface. The new offering, combined with Logicworks‘ 24/7 maintenance and support, dramatically reduces the administrative costs and scalability concerns for managing, migrating or upgrading to an Oracle 10g database platform.

Logicworks’ suite of managed services assumes full responsibility for the technology, resources, processes and expertise of server-management, resulting in a reliable, cost-effective and secure Internet operating platform and infrastructure. Logicworks maintains the hardware and operating system, and works with clients in designing high-availability infrastructures designed specifically around their databases and applications.

“Oracle 10g for Linux delivers on the promise of enterprise-level performance and availability on commodity hardware and external storage devices,” said Carter Burden, President of Logicworks. “Our customers can easily tap into the full power of Oracle 10g and grid-computing without incurring any capital expenditures.”

Advanced Functionality

Logicworks’ Managed Oracle 10g provides carrier-grade hosting facilities, scalable high-availability solutions, migration support, and ongoing application maintenance such as patching, upgrades, optimization, and recovery services.

Customers can now easily take advantage of many advanced features, including:

* Integrated Cluster Management — Combines cluster environments into a single, integrated system image for a increased system monitoring. Pinpoint management results in immediate rectification of problems, ensuring zero downtime and a secure environment.

* Automated Storage Management — Optimizes distribution of data across multiple disk drives and dramatically reduces system and database administration costs.

* Enterprise Configuration Management — Allows administrators to create and enforce server policies, and distribute patches directly within an Oracle environment.

Managed database hosting enables clients’ IT and DBA staff to take charge of the data and applications, without having to worry about uptime, availability or heavy capital expenditures. Clients benefit from physical redundancies on all levels, and bring to bear a whole suite of Logicworks’ services, including managed security, data backup and restoration services, to fully secure any hosted application.

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