Loch Ness Monster Supposedly Says "No" To Scottish Independence


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Perhaps there are some Scottish citizens that remain unsure of exactly how they intend to vote this week.

Who better to consult than a long-time Scotland native?

According to images (which may or may not have been heavily photoshopped), the Loch Ness Monster has been on a campaign of her own in recent days.

First the creature was allegedly spotted in Lake District. The sea monster would had to have traveled 150 miles from its home in Loch Ness to get to Lake Windermere, where the sea monster was allegedly photographed.

24-year-old Ellie Williams said that she set up her camera to take a series of pictures automatically.

It wasn’t until she had them developed that she noticed what appeared to be a Loch Ness Monster-like creature in one of the images.

Okay, so Nessie picked one Hell of a time to go on vacation. Even mythical sea creatures need to get away from it all, right?

Well, perhaps not.

A second photo was released this week. It showed the sea monster at home, but with a “message” for voters.

In the photo we see the beast rising from the waters to seemingly spell out a “No” with her body.

The campaign against leaving the United Kingdom has decided to take these supposedly genuine images as a sign that one of Scotland’s most important residents has already decided she’s staying with England.

The “Yes” side of the issue should take comfort in the fact that sea monsters can’t vote.

In just four days the citizens of Scotland will make their voices heard during a referendum that could change the United Kingdom forever.

If Scottish citizens vote “Yes” on the question of independence on September 18th, it could bring about a process that would free Scotland of English control for the first time in hundreds of years.

Speculation has caused the sterling pound, the UK’s typically strong currency, to fluctuate significantly in recent days.

Regardless of what Nessie herself feels, everything will come down to a final word from the voters on Thursday.