Location Still Matters With Internet PR

    March 25, 2005

An article today reminded me that your location is still very important in getting press coverage.

Today’s Wall Street Journal takes a not to in-depth look at the lack of advertising on blogs.

The very first line of the article states, “GAWKER MEDIA, one of the biggest brands in Web log publishing, launched a saucy urban travel blog called Gridskipper on Jan. 31.”

Is Lizzy Grubman representing Gawker? I’m kidding of course, but Nick Denton and Gawker seem to be mentioned constantly in the press.

Why is it that the major New York media frequently mention Gawker? Could it be that Gawker is based in Manhatten? It certainly isn’t because Gawker is so successful.

Gawker is not a major publisher. It doesn’t even have office space. It’s blog writers are contract based. Its advertising revenue is miniscule compared to online publications such as internet.com and our own WebProNews. And most of its pageviews come from Fleshbot … the Gawker porn blog. It is not a secret that porn is popular. But there are literally thousands of porn sites that get more pageviews than Fleshbot.

The reason Gawker gets the attention it gets is because of good PR and the correct location from the New York media’s perspective.

Gawker itself says it best:

“Your daily source for Manhattan media and gossip. Gawker, reporting live from the center of the universe.”

I find it interesting that in this connected internet world where it doesn’t matter where you are to participate … it still matters where you are in order to get publicity.

I guess we need to move the iEntry Building to New York :)

Rich Ord is the CEO of iEntry, Inc. which publishes over 200 websites and email newsletters.

Rich also publishes his blog WebProBlog which focuses on internet business and marketing trends.