Locating Affordable Health Insurance for Businesses and Individuals

    February 6, 2003

Finding health insurance, as a business owner, can be difficult and is usually expensive. But it doesn’t have to “break the bank”. Below is a list of valuable insurance resources and great places to start your research. Disclaimer: It is the reader’s sole responsibility to abide by all pertinent jurisdiction laws and regulations pertaining to their business and health. Each person is responsible and liable for the outcome of acting on any of the suggestions included in this article. You’re on your own to research and/or purchase the program that is appropriate for you.

Many business organizations include group health insurance as a member benefit. And many individuals and business owners join an organization specifically for the membership benefits. So first, review the benefits of organizations you belong to or that are located in your community. The list below may help you get started.

– The National Association for the Self-Employed,
– International Computer Consultants Organization
– Public Relations Association
– Fraternal companies and organizations such as Modern Woodmen
of America, Knights of Columbus, Sons of Norway
– List Of Organizations

State Programs
Some states, Washington for example, provide basic health to lower income residents and many new business owners fit this category. For additional information, contact your State Insurance Department.

State Department of Insurance (DOI)
Locate your states DOI web site and find the area within the agency that health insurance falls under. Request a list of registered insurance companies and ask about complaints that have been filed against them. Many insurers offer insurance in a state where they are not registered. If anything goes wrong, you have no recourse.

Insurance Brokers
Check your phone book for Insurance Brokers who will provide you with health insurance resources they’ve used. Check a few brokers in your area since they may deal with different companies.

Other Companies
There are many companies, who provide, as part of their overall services, a health plan. Some I found while researching are:

Department Stores, etc.
Check your department store and wholesale store memberships. In some states, Costco , www.costco.com offers health insurance. So check every potential membership you possess.

Ask Your Doctors
Do you have a doctor you really respect? If so, ask your doctors what policies they accept and start your research there.

Spouses and Domestic Partnerships
In some states you may qualify as a “domestic partners” and therefore share in health coverage. In some companies, even in states where you might not qualify as a domestic partner, you maybe eligible for insurance coverage. Your spouse may have coverage for you, too. Check it all out.

Ask your friends and colleagues what companies they use. This is a great way to find out which companies to stay away from and which to explore.

Every few years, conduct a check of the health services and prices available in your area. Why pay more than you have to? And remember… always check with your state’s DOI before purchasing insurance from a company – off or on-line.

2003 Maria Marsala. I help business owners make and keep more of their hard earned money. Join “Elevating You” ezine and request a complimentary consultation at http://coachmaria.com/consultation.