Local Video Display Ads On the Rise

    August 25, 2009
    Chris Crum

Online video advertising platform Mixpo is sharing some stats regarding the growth of local video and interactive display ads.

"Year-over-year, Mixpo has seen, primarily, local TV advertisers, extend their broadcast strategy and campaigns to the Web by more than 300 percent," a Mixpo spokesperson tells WebProNews. During that time, according to Mixpo, over 1.2 million minutes of video display advertising have been watched. That translates to over two years of 24/7 non-stop TV viewing.

In addition, over a third of these user-initiated views have resulted in additional clicks and interactions. Really these types of ads cater to more than just the click though.

Video Display Ads

Video Display Ad on One of Our Own Sites

"Pre-roll ads are not the right solution for local advertising.  They’re expensive and have limited availability, interactivity and targeting, to drive effective local promotion. Video display ads are more affordable, can be targeted to the right customer, and allow viewers to interact as they wish, rather than being forced to watch an ad," said Mixpo President and CEO Anupam Gupta. "This new ad unit – takes the static banner to the next level with higher engagement and local response."

"We are seeing a trend unfolding and that is an extension of local TV advertising strategies to the Web, with the benefits of measurement and interactivity," Gupta added. "Advertisers have already spent tens of thousands of dollars to produce high quality TV creative. Leveraging that is the easiest way to take advantage of online video advertising."

Last week Mixpo and the National Cable Communications, which is comprised of major cable companies Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner, launched an initiative to let cable advertisers extend their TV commercials to the web. These are treated as banner ads, rather than pre/post roll.