Local Prospecting For Network Marketers

    June 30, 2003

Do you feel you have beat all the bushes in your area and there are just no more prospects to be found? Consider these sources:

Business Opportunity Ads: These are almost everywhere. You see them in your local newspaper. You find them in your local Thrifty Nickle, Penny Saver, Trading Post, or other similar ad mag. You see the signs nailed to telephone poles and stuck out of business corners. Get their phone number and call them. What they are doing might not be working for them the way they want it to. Or, your opportunity may be something they can market along with what they are currently marketing.

Real Estate Agents: Their cards are everywhere! These people are prime prospects for network marketing. Just because someone has a real estate license and sells a few houses does not mean they are happy or that they are making money. Most people in real estate don’t want a regular job, or can’t have one because of family circumstances, but they do want to make money. Give them a call or send them a letter. If you work real estate agents alone you will have more prospects than you can handle.

Cashiers: Cashiers at convenience stores, car washes, and other popular stores are great prospects for many network marketing opportunities. They develop relationships with quite a few of their customers. All they have to do is to slip a circular, drop card, or business card into customer’s bags. If they do not want to join the opportunity themselves, you might be able to work an arrangement with them by furnishing them the supplies and paying them a fee per lead or sign up. Don’t try this in a Sears store. Pick local stores, convenience stores, local video rental stores, car washes, and similar establishments. Don’t forget about waitresses at local restaurants too!

Tradesmen: Plumbers, pest control technicians, and heating and air-conditioning technicians all visits many homes and develop a level of trust with their customers. Do you sell air filters or water purifiers? These are perfect for you. If you sell other products, try approaching the service technicians individually instead of the business owner. They are more likely to want the additional income.

Apartment Managers: They deal with many people on a day to day basis and usually have established some level of trust with their residents. Don’t forget about their maintenance staff!

Self Storage Facility Managers: These are just like apartment managers. Sign them up! The bottom line is, when you think you are running out of prospects think of those in your community who meet people on an everyday basis and who could profit from your opportunity. You might be surprised with the list you can come up with.

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