Local.com Launches Mobile Service

    May 23, 2007

Google and Yahoo issue press releases on a daily basis, but it’s been a busy month for Local.com, as well.  The local search engine launched an advertising program, appointed a new Vice President of Product Management, and, earlier today, made a new mobile service available.

The service is called Local Mobile; it “allows users to access Local.com’s search engine from mobile phones and devices.”  (As a side note and a disclaimer: I’m starting to admire this company for naming itself and its products in a logical fashion.  Intentionally misspelled words and/or randomly inserted punctuation marks can grow tiresome.)

Local Mobile was made possible by a partnership between Local.com and Trilibis Mobile, and the CEO of the latter company gave a statement about his new corporate pal.  “Local.com is truly a leader in the local search industry,” said Alex Panelli in a press release.  “They have set the standard for providing highly relevant local search results.”

Panelli then demonstrated that he and Local.com understand the demands of the mobile search market.  “With 75 percent of mobile searchers refusing to go beyond the second page, returning relevant search results is essential,” he stated.

“Yeah,” you say.  “But companies always talk up their partners, and you’ve already admitted that you like Local.com because its name is easy to type.”  Fair enough, but the company’s newest endeavor has other supporters, as well.

inbabble.com catalogued a pile of accolades.  “Local.com has earned high marks for its accuracy,” the list began.  “Mobile consultant TeleMapics calls Local.com the ‘most relevant local search engine,’” and “[d]igital research firm ComScore named Local.com the fastest growing local search engine, consistently among the Top 100 websites.”

So there you have it – a new local search service for mobile devices, created by a company that’s widely respected.  For logic’s sake, give Local Mobile a try if you use this sort of thing.