Lobbycon – hanging in the hallways

    October 15, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Why pay to attend a pricey tech conference when you can chill outside the doors to a presentation and work the crowd as they head for the free lunch?

Enterprising types have made a game of conferences held in places with some public access. Getting behind the door to hear a talk could cost a few grand. Waiting for all the beautiful people to come out of the presentation so you can hit them up with business cards and business propositions has been a better return on investment for some.

The San Francisco Chronicle had this, heh, money quote on the appeal of lobbyconning:

“The sessions at technology conferences are often like plots in porn films,” said Ben Metcalfe, a technology consultant from San Francisco who said he lobbycons about four conferences annually. “It’s required for the context, but it’s not really what you paid for.”

Since these conferences are being held on private property, it’s probably a matter of time before hotel security starts escorting the lobbyconners to the street. Then it’s back to figuring out which watering holes will attract the most people leaving the conference for a post-session snack or beverage.

Via SFGate.com