LiveJournal Protest Tops Nielsen List

    January 5, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The most popular blog post of 2006 landed on a LiveJournal blog, while missives from Michelle Malkin, Dave Sifry, and ranked among the most linked 100 posts for the past year.

“You are here because you have a problem with the way is being run graphically; obstructive interfaces popping up (ie: customize area); lack of customer-service displayed by the team in relation to ‘rebuilding’ the site (ie: one of the many truths); or clearly insane string of ‘fiddle-faddle’ from the Support Team, who is giving positive feedback where negativity is required.”

That’s the opening paragraph for a petition against LiveJournal interface changes, posted June 16th, 2006 and linked to by nearly 800 unique authors.

According to research from Nielsen Buzzmetrics, the LiveJournal post handily edged out a trio of entries from Crooks And Liars. The August 2006 ‘State of the Blogosphere’ post by Technorati founder Dave Sifry rounded out that top five.

Crooks And Liars occupied 22 places on the Buzzmetrics list of top 100 blog posts for 2006, the most of any blog. Malkin had 18 spots, while sites like Engadget, Think Progress, and Boing Boing also held multiple places in the roster.

Google’s Official Blog had eleven posts make the group. Their most linked post was one about the company’s acquisition of Writely, the online word processor.

Google also served as the topic of discussion for the fifteenth most-linked post. That one came from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which expressed concerns about Google Desktop and recommended consumers not use the product.

A few well-known sites with significant traffic did not have a lot of places referring to their posts, though, as Nielsen noted:

Some regularly-cited top bloggers did not make the top post list, including Gizmodo, Huffington Post, Techcrunch, and Gawker. Daily Kos had just one post on the list (#85, a transcript of Stephen Colbert’s White House correspondents dinner speech).

We have to close with the 25th most-linked post, to the intrepid Amanda Congdon, whose arrival at the House of Mouse as an ABC News featurette began with her July departure from Rocketboom.


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