Live Search Exec Ejects

    April 25, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Another one bites the dust at Microsoft, as Live Search general manager Dane Glasgow has chosen to bail out of the company.

Live Search Exec Ejects
Live Search Exec Ejects
Live Search Exec Ejects

Satya Nadella has to be wondering if he will be flying solo as the new head of Microsoft’s search efforts. Chris Payne and Blake Irving both announced plans to depart Microsoft previously.

Now, Glasgow has joined the exit queue. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley pulled up the details about Dane Glasgow courtesy of an internal Microsoft email that found its way to her inbox; Nadella sent the message on April 24 to employees:

With the Search team’s exit from planning complete, Dane Glasgow has decided to leave Microsoft to pursue non-profit interests and spend time with his family before taking on a new entrepreneurial challenge….

Dane helped launch our Windows Desktop Search offering, worked to deliver our first release of Windows Live, and has been a strong advocate for incubation within the company.

It’s just not going to be Glasgow doing the incubating from now on. Foley said Glasgow will leave the Redmond empire for good on April 27.

We have to wonder why Microsoft has been shedding people from an initiative that for all intents and purposes should be an energetic competitive challenge in the search market. Google owns the dominant position in search, and Yahoo has mostly held serve following Google, while Microsoft trails them both.

Perhaps the challenge is just too daunting, like taking on GnuBG in backgammon after breezing through the instructions one time. Of course, you can’t get better unless you play the best; Microsoft needs people who have that attitude.