Live, On MSN, It’s Developer Webcasts!

    December 5, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

We probably won’t see any samurai coders or requests for more cowbell, but two weeks of webcasts could be very beneficial to developers working with MSN’s tools.

MSN Search doesn’t update its blog very often, but the latest entry offers a half-dozen webcasts targeted to developers seeking to expand their knowledge of MSN’s products.

Developers can extend the functionality of a variety of MSN services, and readers of WebProNews probably will have some interest in the discussion on MSN Search APIs. A total of six webcasts over a two-week period starting today will feature the MSN Search Toolbar twice, Gadgets, Virtual Earth, and Messenger.

The MSN Search API webcast will take place on December 12th, and features the topic “Building Web Search into Your Applications” as the theme. Microsoft described the forthcoming webcast online:

Find out how to harness the power of Web Search in your applications. This webcast provides an overview of the MSN Web Search application programming interfaces (APIs). We also demonstrate how to use these APIs to create applications that help users search for information on the Web.

More information including dates and times can be found at the MSN Developer site.

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